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Library Addition: 1/100 Signed Numbered Hardback Copies of Lauren Beukes Zoo City

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Here’s a book I’ve looked for at a price I could afford for a while. Copies would show up online, but typically in the $300+ range.

Beukes, Lauren. Zoo City. Angry Robot, 2010. First hardback edition and first UK edition, one of 100 signed copies (the only hardback edition), a Fine copy in a Fine- dust jacket with a very slight wrinkle at rear heel join, otherwise new and unread. Preceded by the Jacana Media (South Africa) paperback edition. Bought off eBay for $99 (the opening bid).

Zoo City


And here’s the limitation statement on the bottom of the front dust jacket flap.


Library Addition: Signed 1989 Ray Bradbury Christmas Broadsheet

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

Picked up another signed Ray Bradbury Christmas broadsheet off eBay:

Bradbury, Ray. A Christmas Wish 1989: The Bread of Beggars, The Wine of Christ. Privately printed, 1989. First edition broadsheet, a Fine copy, inscribed by the author: “Tim!—Love!—Ray!” Bought off eBay for $34 plus shipping.


The slight shadowing on the left side is a scanner artifact, probably a result of leaving it in the protective plastic while scanning it…

Library Additions: Two Bibliographies

Friday, January 6th, 2017

Still clearing out the backlog of books I bought in 2016. here are two bibliographies, each of which I bought quite cheap:

  • (Buckley, William F., Jr.) Meehan, William H. III. William F. Buckley Jr.: A Bibliography. ISI Books, 2002. First edition hardback, a Fine copy in a Fine dust jacket. Bought this after picking up these Buckley boks. Alas, though it contains a great deal of information, it doesn’t include the one thing I bought it for: first edition pints on Buckley’s books.


  • (Lovecraft, H.P.) Joshi, S. T. 200 Books by S. t. Joshi. Hippocampus Press, 2014. First edition trade paperback original, a Fine copy, signed by Joshi. A self-bibliography of H.P. Lovecraft’s supreme scholar, biographer, and bibliographer. So a bibliography of a bibliographer. Bought off eBay for $4.50 plus shipping.


  • Shoegazer Sunday: SPOOL’s “Sway, Fadeaway”

    Sunday, January 1st, 2017

    It’s been too long since we did an obscure Japanese band for our Sunday dose of Shoegaze, so enjoy SPOOL’s “Sway, Fadeaway.”