Bruce Sterling’s Other Evil Twin

Austin skiffy fans with long memories may remember that I won the Bruce Sterling Rant Off at an Armadillocon lo these many years ago. This means that I am authorized to act as a Low Calorie Bruce Sterling Substitute, should the need arise.

What you may not know is that Bruce Sterling has another evil twin, or at least one Sandeep Gupta, who blatantly plagiarized the text of Bruce’s book The Hacker Crackdown and republished it as Hacking in the Computer World.

And for those that didn’t know it, Bruce released the entire book as literary freeware back in 1994, a copy of which can be found here.

Sayeth Bruce: “This is awesome! I always wanted to be a globally-aware Indian-writing-in-English. Me and Rushdie, man! From now on I’m gonna be ‘Sandeep Gupta’ whenever I please!”

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  1. Earl Cooley III says:

    Someone tried to do that to Atlanta Nights recently. Eternal vigilance is the price of irony sometimes….

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