Library Additions: Envelope of Letter from H. P. Lovecraft to Robert Barlow

By now you should have figured out that book collectors are insane. If not, what I paid for the following item should convince you:

Lovecraft, H. P. Envelope Addressed to Robert Barlow, with Lovecraft’s return address on the back, in Lovecraft’s own handwriting. Postmarked December 4, 1931.

Lovecraft Envelope Front

Lovecraft Envelope Back

Barlow was a longtime correspondent of Lovecraft’s. The envelope itself bears the return address for another Lovecraft associate, bookseller George W. Kirk, a fellow member of the “Kalem Club,” a group of close friends from the time he lived in New York City from 1924-1927.

Bought for $328 off eBay.

Pretty much all books Lovecraft signed in his lifetime, as well as letters, postcards, etc., have commas in the price. This struck me as a way I could afford a Lovecraft signature.

Now I just need those James Tiptree, Jr. and Thomas Pynchon signatures…

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5 Responses to “Library Additions: Envelope of Letter from H. P. Lovecraft to Robert Barlow”

  1. Don Webb says:

    Dear Lawrence,

    I am fairly sure I have an envelope from Pynchon to Tiptree that I could sell you for $500.00 (not postmarked). The letter inside reads,
    “Hey James, Let’s go TP Salinger’s house again. Thomas “Boom Boom” Pynchon

  2. Lawrence Person says:

    I’m thinking I would need some provenance on that…

  3. Bruce Wright says:

    So YOU’RE the one who bought that! I thought about it quite a bit, and only poverty stopped me.

  4. Robert Coshland says:

    You were a worthy eBay adversary as I was after that too!

  5. ALLY says:

    Hi, you posted a Slowdive cover my band recorded some time ago. I came across it and saw this link. This is awesome. I adore HP Lovecraft. JEALOUS.

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