Library Addition: Tobias Buckell’s Xenowealth

I finally got my copy of Toby Buckell’s Xenowealth collection, a Kickstarter project I first backed in November of 2014.

Buckell, Tobias S. Xenowealth. Self-published, 2016. First edition hardback, one of an unspecified number signed by the author, a Fine copy in a Fine dust jacket. Short story collection set in the same universe as Crystal Rain. There were only 63 backers of the hardback level, so it’s possible the total print run for this edition is under 100 copies. Due to an error, my name was not listed among the backs on the acknowledgements page, but Toby sent me an extra copy each of the hardback and the trade paperback to make up for it.

Xenowealth 1

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3 Responses to “Library Addition: Tobias Buckell’s Xenowealth”

  1. Sean A Wallace says:

    Is it a print-on-demand or short-run or offset hardcover?

  2. Lawrence Person says:

    Hard to say. It looks and feels more like a short-run academic hardback book (especially the spine lettering) than a POD, and the cloth seems to be close to that Black Novelex binding Arkham House used to use.

  3. […] Buckell, Tobias. Xenowealth. Self published via Kickstarter, 2016. Hardback first edition, signed by the author. Short story collection. See here for more details. […]

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