Library Addition: Arthur Waite’s The Quest For Bloods

This is another book I picked up in the National Book Auction. In fact, I’ve wanted a copy for quite a while, ever since I saw publisher/bookseller George Locke bring them to the 2002 World Fantasy Convention in Minneapolis. However, three things kept me from picking up a copy then:

  1. It was a pricey book (there’s no cover price, and it’s not in the ISFDB, but I think George was selling them for somewhere in the $75—$125 range) at a time when I was buying very few books in that price range.
  2. The chances of my running across any first edition Penny Dreadfuls here in the United States of the 21st century ranges from exceedingly slim to absolutely nil.
  3. Worst of all, all the copies George had there seemed to have warped boards from the transatlantic flight.

So I was happy to pick up a copy through the National Book Auction as part of a lot for $30, less than cover price would have been.

Waite, Arthur Edward. The Quest for Bloods: A Study of the Victorian Penny Dreadful. Privately printed (Ferret Fantasy), 1997. First edition oversized (8 1/2″ x 12″) hardback, no limitation stated on this copy of the “regular” edition (though I get the impression that there were less than 500 printed total, and possibly considerably less than that), a Fine- copy in a Fine- dust jacket with a slight bump and associated wrinkle near the head (and possibly some slight fading of the spine and other portions of the yellowish orange dust jacket).


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