Overview of Lawrence Person’s Library: 2017 Edition

I decided updated pictures of my library were long overdue, so I took pictures of all my personal library bookshelves (as opposed to Lame Excuse Books stock with my iPhone, which seems to do a better job than my old digital camera anyway.

I tried to make the pics close and large enough that you could read the titles (which is, I think, one of the main points of photographing your library), though that’s not always the case. (Click to embiggen any of these.)

I’ve listed very brief high points, but at some point I want to do several more comprehensive posts, probably broken up by letter (A, B, etc.) which will go into more detail and show individual books. But if I did that here I’d probably break your browser!

As usual, all of these are Fine first edition hardbacks in Fine dust jackets unless otherwise stated.

Where you see a dust jacket sitting on top of other books, I was reading that book when I took these pictures.

This is just the fiction. I’ll get to the non-fiction, graphic novels, art books, science fiction reference books, etc. at a later date.

Not all the pictures are perfect, and I may swap them out for better ones as time permits.

Oversized Fiction

These are all the hardback fiction books that were simply too big to fit anywhere else.



  • The traycase edition of Greg Bear’s Sleepside Story.
  • Several signed oversized Ray Bradbury books.
  • A copy of Lord John Ten inscribed to Neal Barrett, Jr. by Ray Bradbury.
  • Several signed Harlan Ellison limiteds.
  • Three signed Stephen King books (Desperation, Insomnia, The Black House).
  • The lettered traycase edition of George R. R. Martin’s GRRM.
  • Several signed Richard Matheson books.
  • Two Charnel House books (Ellison’s Coffin Nails and Tim Powers’ Deliver Me From Evil).
  • Three Centipede Press books (the Ambrose Bierce, Tim Powers’ The Anubis Gates Michael Shea’s The Autopsy and Other Tales.)
  • Lucius Shepard’s The Last Time.
  • A binder full of hand-written Roger Zelazny manuscripts.
  • A—Ba



  • A signed Douglas Adams Mostly Harmless.
  • Some signed Brian Aldiss (RIP).
  • The three Gnome Press Foundation books, plus the signed Whispers Press Foundation’s Edge, plus several other signed Asimovs.
  • A first edition of Attanasio’s Radix.
  • Signed firsts of Paolo Bacigalupi’s The Windup Girl and the signed limited edition of .
  • Bal—Bax


  • Several Ballard firsts (including The Drought and Empire of the Sun), some signed (such asThe Atrocity Exhibition).
  • A nearly complete Iain Banks collection (missing one or two of the last ones), including all the early ones, including The Wasp Factory and Use of Weapons, some signed.
  • Nearly complete Clive Barker up to about ten years ago, many signed, including the limited edition UK Weaveworld and all six of the Wiedenfield & Nicholson Books of Blood.
  • A complete collection of Neal Barrett, Jr. fiction hardbacks, all signed or inscribed.
  • Some Stephen Baxter (mostly early books), including Raft and The Time Ships, some signed.
  • Bax—Bi


  • More Stephen Baxter
  • Some Peter S. Beagle books, including The Last Unicorn and A Fine and Private Place, most signed.
  • A complete Greg Bear collection (save a few recent ones), most signed or inscribed to me.
  • Some Gregory Benford, including the Cheap Street Of Space/Time and the River and Timescape.
  • An incomplete Alfred Bester collection, including a pristine The Demolished Man with Bester’s business card laid in, and an imperfect Who He? inscribed.
  • A nearly-complete Michael Bishop collection (a new one may be out), including No Enemy But Time, most inscribed to me.
  • Bi—Br


  • Nearly complete James P. Blaylock in hardback, several early ones inscribed to me.
  • Decent Robert Bloch collection, including an imperfect Psycho and several signed books.
  • Very incomplete Leigh Bracket collection, but including the very difficult first hardback of The Sword of Rhiannon.
  • A not-even-remotely-complete Ray Bradbury collection, but including some 30 signed firsts, including The Silver Locusts.



  • Small Ernest Bramah collection, including The Moon of Much Gladness in dust jacket.
  • Early David Brin collection, including Startide Rising, The Uplift War, and his Cheap Street book, Dr. Pak’s Preschoool.
  • Some John Brunner, including a signed The Sheep Look Up and a Fine/Fine Stand On Zanzibar.
  • Signed/limited edition (only hardback) of Steven Brust’s To Reign in Hell.
  • Some signed William F. Buckley, Jr..
  • Several signed Lois McMaster Bujold Hugo and Nebula winners, including the Easton signed/limited (and first hardback editions) of Barrayar and The Vor Game.
  • William S. Burroughs’ The Place of Dead Roads inscribed to his agent.



  • Complete Octavia Butler collection, including Survivor, some inscribed to me.
  • A rebound first of Samuel Butler’s Erewhon from 1872.
  • A complete Pat Cadigan collection (save some media tie-in work), several inscribed to me.
  • Some Ramsey Campbell.
  • A complete Jonathan Carroll collection, including The Land of Laughs, most signed.
  • A complete Orson Scott Card collection up to the point I stopped reading him (which was Xenocide), including an inscribed Ender’s Game.
  • Some Angela Carter, including The Infernal Desire Machines of Dr. Hoffman (from Carter’s own copies) and The Passion of New Eve.
  • Most of Michael Chabon, including The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay and The Yiddish Policeman’s Union, many inscribed to me.
  • The true first edition of Robert W. Chamber’s The King in Yellow; not really visible in this picture since the trim size is so small.
  • Ch—Cr


  • Some Arthur C. Clarke, including firsts of Against the Fall of Night and Earthlight, an imperfect copy of Childhood’s End (with a Clarke signature plate and photo laid in) and his Hugo winners Rendezvous With Rama and The Fountains of Paradise.
  • Most of Hal Clement, including a nice Iceworld, a signed, imperfect Mission of Gravity, and the three volume NESFA set are all signed as well.
  • A signed copy of Suzy McKee Charnes’ The Vampire Tapestry.
  • Most of the early Storm Constantine.
  • All the early John Crowley, including signed copies of The Deep, Engine Summer and (in the next pic) the Gollancz Little, Big.




  • Signed hardback editions of the first 17 issues of Postscripts, plus #24/25. (I’m in three of these.)
  • Most of the Datlow/Windling Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror series (I think I lack a few latter ones).
  • Complete Avram Davidson in hardback (save one hardback chapbook), including the hardback edition of El Vilvoy de las Islas.
  • Some L. Sprague de Camp, some signed.
  • Most of the early Samuel R. Delany, including Babel-17 and The Einstein Intersection, all signed by Delany.
  • Di



  • I’m about four difficult books away from a Philip K. Dick in hardback collection. Highlights of what I have include imperfect copies of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, The Man in the High Castle, The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, Counter Clock World, Time Out of Joint, Ubik, A Handful of Darkness and World of Chance, firsts HBs of The Penultimate Truth, The Simulacra, The Man Who Japed, The Game Players of Titan, and Confessions of a Crap Artist, a really nice copy of A Scanner Darkly, both the Underwood/Miller and Subterranean Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick, and the signed edition of the Levack PKD bibliography, the only Dick signature in my collection.
  • A reasonably complete Thomas M. Disch science fiction collection (I’m missing some of his poetry volumes), including The Genocides, Camp Concentration, 334, and his Cheap Street volume Torturing Mr. Amberwell.
  • Nearly complete Paul Di Filippo collection, many inscribed, including a PC copy of the 1/100 hardback copy edition of Spondulix.
  • Di-El


  • I have a complete collection of Gardner Dozois’ authored books, and hardback first of all the Year’s Best Science Fiction up through the 14th volume (and just a few missing after that), many inscribed to me by Gardner, and many signed by several story contributors.
  • Nearly completely George Alec Effinger collection, many inscribed to me.
  • Complete (save a couple of very recent books) Greg Egan collection, including An Unusual Angle, Quarantine, Permutation City, and an association copy of Axiomatic inscribed to his editor David Pringle. (Inscribed Egan books are genuinely rare, much less association copies.)
  • El-Fo


  • Nearly complete collection of Harlan Ellison in hardback (at least up through when he started issuing his own books), many signed.
  • A good ways toward a complete Philip Jose Farmer collection in hardback, including Too Your Scattered Bodies Go, many signed, including Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life, Lord Tyger and Love Song.
  • The first English-language edition of Camille Flammarion’s Urania and the first U.S. edition of Lumen.
  • Fo-Gi


  • Complete Neil Gaiman prose collection up to a few years ago, including the signed/limited BCC Books (true first) edition of Neverwhere, Murder Mysteries: A Play For Voices, Snow Glass Apples: A Play For Voices, and the Lettered editions of the Subterranean M is for Magic. (The hardbound Gaiman graphic novels are shelved elsewhere.)
  • Nearly complete John Gardner collection, including Grendel.
  • Several Ray Garton books, including Crucifax Autumn and Live Girls.
  • Almost complete Jane Gaskell collection.
  • Complete Mary Gentle collection up to a few years ago.
  • A complete William Gibson collection (excepting Agrippa, which wasn’t a book), including the Gollancz Neuromancer inscribed to me.



  • William Goldman’s The Princess Bride.
  • True first of Alasdair Gray’s Lanark.
  • A number of Joe Haldeman books, including an imperfect Forever War.
  • Several Peter F. Hamilton books, including The Reality Dysfunction.
  • Several Harry Harrison books, some signed.
  • Several Robert A. Heinlein firsts, including imperfect copies of Starship Troopers, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Stranger in a Strange Land and Double Star, as well as nice copies of Sixth Column, Assignment in Eternity, The Star beast, The Puppet Masters and Podkayne of Mars, as well as a signed book club edition of Time for the Stars (my only Heinlein signature).
  • A very imperfect true first of Frank Herbert’s Dune.
  • Several Joe Hill books, including two states of 20th Century Ghosts and the traycase edition of Horns.
  • William Hope Hodgson’s House on the Borderland and Deep Waters.
  • All six of Robert E. Howard’s Gnome Press Conan books.
  • Ho-Kr


  • Barry Hughart’s Bridge of Birds, The Story of the Stone, and Eight Skilled Gentlemen, plus the signed Subterranean press omnibus.
  • A nearly complete Shirley Jackson collection, including nice copies of The Road Through the Wall and The Haunting of Hill House.
  • Daniel Keyes’ Flowers for Algernon.
  • A good bit of Stephen King, including both the slipcase and traycase editions of the Colorado Kid, the signed/limited edition of Under the Dome, The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger, and an imperfect first of The Shining. The Talisman is the Grant “trade” edition, which in this case has been signed by Peter Straub.
  • A complete Russel Kirk fiction collection, most signed.
  • Some Nancy Kress.
  • Kr-La


  • Some Henry Kuttner, including Robots Have No Tails.
  • A complete R.A. Lafferty in hardback collection (save one chapbook), some signed, including 1/50 signed copies of Tales of Chicago and Tales of Midnight.
  • Some Jay lake, most inscribed to me.
  • A complete Joe R. Lansdale collection, including the rare Chivers Texas Night Riders, The Magic Wagon, the lettered traycase editions of A Fistfull of Stories and For a few Stories More, 1/26 hardback copies of My Dead Dog Bobby, 1/100 hardback copies of Lansdale and Shiner’s Private Eye Action As You Like It, and many others, all signed or inscribed to me.
  • La-Lo


  • The rest of the hardback Lansdale.
  • Both the true HB first (a large print edition) and the Subterranean limited of Ann Leckie’s Ancillary Justice.
  • Some Tanith Lee, several signed.
  • A goodly amount of Ursula K. Le Guin, including imperfect firsts of The Left Hand of Darkness, The Dispossessed and A Wizard of Earthsea, two Cheap Street hardback chapbooks, and the signed/limited edition true first hardback of Always Coming Home (with the included cassette tape), which is supposedly quite dreadful.
  • Closing in on a complete Fritz Leiber collection, including a signed Our Lady of Darkness and Nights Black Agents, plus several Gregg Press firsts, including The Big Time, The Sinful Ones, and the six volume Farhard and Gray Mouser set.
  • The first English-language edition of Stanislaw Lem’s Solaris.
  • A pretty good Thomas Ligotti collection, including the hardback of The Agonizing Resurrection of Victor Frankenstein & Other Gothic Tales.
  • The start of the H.P. Lovecraft collection, including some of the latter Arkhams and the Variorum Edition of his complete work, as well as an envelop hand-addressed by Lovecraft.
  • Lo-Ma



  • The rest of the Lovecraft, as well as Cthulhu Mythos anthologies by various editors. I’ll probably file these by editor the next time I add a bookshelf.
  • Some Brian Lumley.
  • All Ken MacLeod’s novels up to a few years ago.
  • Something approaching a complete collection of George R. R. Martin’s fiction, though I’m missing a couple of the recent Game of Thrones books and a lot of his anthologies. Includes U.S. first of A Game of Thrones inscribed to me, the signed/limited Armageddon Rag, the true first signed/limited edition of Songs the Dead Men Sing (the very first Dark Harvest book), and the leatherbound signed/limited “slipcrate” edition of Portraits of His Children.
  • Ma-Mc



  • Closing in on a complete Richard Matheson collection, including Born of Man and Woman, imperfect firsts of Hell House, The Shrinking Man and I Am Legend, and several of the signed Gauntlet, etc. books.
  • A lot of Paul J. McAuley.
  • A lot of Robert R. McCammon.
  • Some Jack McDevitt.
  • Complete Ian McDonald collection, all but one or two inscribed to me, including the true UK first of River of Gods.
  • Mc-Ni


  • Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove
  • Nearly complete China Mieville collection, including Perdido Street Station and The Tain.
  • An imperfect first of Walter M. Miller’s A Canticle for Leibowitz
  • Quite a bit of Michael Moorcock, including Behold the Man, Stormbringer and Gloriana, all signed or inscribed.
  • Some C.L. Moore, including Judgment Night, Shambleau, and signed firsts of Mutant and Black God’s Shadow.
  • A couple of books away from a complete Ward Moore collection, including Cloud By Day.
  • All Richard Morgan’s early books, including Altered Carbon.
  • Some David Morrell, including First Blood.
  • Some signed Haruki Murakami.
  • Some Pat Murphy, including The Falling Woman.
  • John Myers Myers’ Silverlock.
  • Most of Kim Newman’s early books (at least those under his own name), including Anno Dracula.
  • A complete set of the Night Visions series, some (Barker, Lansdale, Martin) signed or inscribed.
  • A good bit of Larry Niven, including an imperfect but very clean copy of the Gollancz Ringworld.
  • Ni-Po


  • Complete Chad Oliver collection, including the Ballantine hardback of Shadows in the Sun, The Mists of Dawn and the Jenkins The Wolf is My Brother.
  • The true Secker & Warburg first edition of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four (green state dust jacket, no priority).
  • Alexi Panshin’s Rite of Passage.
  • A good bit of Frederik Pohl, most signed, including Gateway, Man Plus and The Space Merchants, and most of the collaborations with Jack Williamson here are also signed by both Pohl and Williamson.
  • A complete Tim Powers collection, most signed or inscribed, including the Chatto & Windus Anubis Gates, several Charnel House limiteds, and the ultra-limited edition of the John Berlyne’s Powers bibliography, which includes a bound holographic copy of The Anubis Gates.
  • Po-Ri


  • Some Christopher Priest, including Inverted World and The Prestige.
  • Complete run of Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine, plus the signed/limited edition of Issue Eight, which is signed by Greg Egan.
  • Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49.
  • Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.
  • A complete Alastair Reynolds collection (save a few recent books), most signed, including Revelation Space.
  • A good bit of early Anne Rice, including Interview With the Vampire and The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty.
  • Ri-Sc


  • Most of the early Kim Stanley Robinson, including the Mars trilogy and his Cheap Street book, The Blind Geometer.
  • A good bit of Rudy Rucker, including one of 350 signed, numbered copies of Transreal!
  • Sarban’s The Sound of His Horn.
  • Sc-Si


  • Garrett P. Serviss’ Edison’s Invasion of Mars.
  • Some Bob Shaw, including a signed copy of The Palace of Eternity.
  • A complete Michael Shea collection, including the hardback edition of Nifft the Lean.
  • Some Robert Sheckley, including the five volume Collected Stories.
  • A complete Lucius Shepard collection, most signed.
  • A complete Lew Shiner collection, many inscribed to me.
  • A complete John Shiirley hardback collection (up to a few years ago, anyway), most signed, including one of only 50 hardback copies of Black Glass and one of only 100 signed, numbered hardback copies of Really, Really, Really, Really Weird Stories.
  • Si-Sm


  • A lot of Robert Silverberg.
  • Clifford Simak’s City.
  • A complete Dan Simmons collection, several signed, including Hyperion, Song of Kali, and Entropy’s Bed at Midnight.
  • A lot of John Sladek, some signed.
  • A pretty good Clark Ashton Smith collection, including Out of Space and Time, Lost Worlds and Other Dimensions.
  • Sm-St


  • A complete Cordwainer Smith collection, including three novels he did under his other pseudonyms, Ria, Corelia and Atomsk.
  • A few E. E.”Doc” Smith novels, including the true first of The Skylark of Space, and the signed editions of Second Stage Lensman and Skylark Three.
  • A complete William Browning Spencer collection, all signed or inscribed to me.
  • Some Brian Stableford.
  • Some Olaf Stapledon, including jacketless firsts of Last and First Men and Odd Job.
  • A good bit of Neal Stephenson, including inscribed firsts of Snow Crash and The Diamond Age.
  • A Complete Bruce Sterling collection, most inscribed to me, including a Mirrorshades signed or inscribed by most of the contributors.
  • Complete Charles Stross up to a few years ago.
  • St-Va


  • Some Theodore Sturgeon, including the completed Collected Stories.
  • A complete Michael Swanwick collection, including Stations of the Tide, one of only 30 signed hardbacks of Puck Aleshire’s Abecedary, and several short-run Dragon Stairs Press books.
  • Some Tolkien, including most of the U.S. History of Middle Earth firsts.
  • A nice copy of Steven Utley and Geo W. Proctor’s Lone Star Universe signed by most of the contributors.
  • The start of the Jack Vance section. I’m closing in on a complete Vance hardback collection, but I’m not quite there yet. This case includes the Underwood/Miller signed/limited editions of Ariminta Station, Throy, Bird Isle/Take My Face, The Dark Side of the Moon, the Subterranean Press lettered/traycase edition of Dangerous Ways, The Deadly Isles, and a signed Dragon Masters.
  • Va-Wa




  • The rest of the Vance hardbacks, including one of 200 signed sets of the 44 volume Vance Integral Edition, a signed Ballantine Books hardback state of To Live Forever, the beautiful Underwood Books signed/limited edition of Night Lamp, the Underwood Books limited Ports of Call, #2 of 200 signed/numbered copies of Light From a Lone Star, one of 111 signed hardback copies of The Seventeen Virgins/The Bagful of Dreams, and the Gollancz Four Men Called John, among many, many others.
  • A complete Vernor Vinge collection, most signed, including A Fire Upon the Deep and A Deepness in the Sky.
  • Richard Vollmann’s You Bright and Risen Angels and Rainbow Stories.
  • A pretty complete Karl Edward Wagner collection, some signed.
  • Wa-We

    Starting about here the pictures got more difficult to take, because this bookshelf is right behind a heavy futon I don’t feel like moving on my own.




  • A complete Howard Waldrop collection, including his two Cheap Street books, all signed or inscribed.
  • Complete Peter Watts collection.
  • A few Stanley G. Weinbaum volumes, including one of 250 copies of the 1936 Dawn of Flame.
  • Closing in on a complete Manly Wade Wellman collection, including Who Fears the Devil?, Lonely Vigils, a first of Worse Things Waiting inscribed to horror writer Dennis Etchison, and a copy of Third String Center inscribed to his brother, western writer Paul I. Wellman.
  • Some H. G. Wells, including some later firsts in dust jacket and the signed, numbered three volume first edition of The World of William Clissold.
  • We-Wo





  • Some Jack Williamson.
  • Nearly complete Connie Willis, almost all signed, including Doomsday Book.
  • A nearly complete Gene Wolfe collection, including all the The Book of the New Sun, The Book of the Long Sun, and Book of the Short Sun volumes (plus The Castle of the Otter, all inscribed or signed, his two Cheap Street hardbacks (Empires of Flowers and Foliage and Biblioman), and one of 100 hardback copies of The Young Wolfe. (The hardback edition of Letters Home is in the non-fiction reference library).
  • Wo-Z



    I have a fairly ridiculous amount of signed Roger Zelazny first editions, manuscripts, etc., thanks in no small part to two very extensive purchases of Zelazny material. Though I would like to trade up my imperfect Nine Princes in Amber and my signed, imperfect Lord of Light, all my other Zelazny hardbacks are Fine/Fine copies, and most signed, including Creatures of Light and Darkness, The Dream Master, one of 200 signed, hardback copies of For a Breath I Tarry (which, since it has a number of blank pages in the back, I’ve had signed by some 60-70 other science fiction writers, etc.), one of 35 signed hardback copies of The Last Defender of Camelot, one of only 21 lettered, hardback copies of Kovacs’ The Ides of Octember: A Pictorial Bibliography of Roger Zelazny with a Zelazny signature sheet bound in, etc. Those binders you see contain original Zelazny manuscripts, some proof copies, some typescripts, and some hand-written, including The Changing Land, “The Last Defender of Camelot”, “Unicorn Variations”, Dilvish the Damned, Knight of Shadows, etc. (Upstairs, in the non-fiction section, I have Roger Zelazny’s professional correspondence archive in two large binders.)

    Trade Paperbacks

    This includes proofs, chapbooks, etc.






    Notable items:

  • Isaac Asimov’s Little Brothers, one of 126 signed copies.
  • One of 100 signed copies of J. G. Ballard’s News from the Sun.
  • Signed copy of David Brin’s The Tides of Kithrup (the proof of Startide Rising)
  • An issue of Chacal signed by Tom Reamy.
  • A copy of Young Author’s Club: The Wartime Adolescent Writings of Philip K. Dick, one of 100 copies.
  • Some signed Thomas Disch poetry collections.
  • Both blue and green variant covers of Neil Gaiman and Gene Wolfe’s A Walking Tour of the Shambles, inscribed to me by both.
  • A proof of the never-published random house edition of Sherry Jones’ The Jewel of Medina.
  • A complete collection of R. A. Lafferty chapbooks, some signed.
  • Numerous Joe R. Lansdale trade paperbacks and proofs.
  • The proof of George R. R. Martin’s never published John W. Campbell Awards Volume 6
  • A signed copy of Michael Moorcocks’s tabloid-form Sex Pistols novel, The Great Rock-and-Roll Swindle.
  • James Morrow’s The Adventures of Smoke Baily, a novella only included as part of the packaging for a video game.
  • The proof (actually true first edition, since it was for sale) of Richard Matheson’s Collected Stories.
  • Proof of Chad Oliver’s The Cannibal Owl.
  • A signed, hand-corrected copy of Clark Ashton Smith’s The Double Shadow.
  • Jack Vance’s The Space Pirates and The Avatar’s Apprentice, one of only 30 copies.
  • Lew Shiner’s Modern Stories Number One signed by most of the contributors, including William Gibson and Howard Waldrop.
  • Dan Simmons’ Banished Dreams.
  • Inscribed copies of Neal Stephenson’s The Big U and Zodiac, as well as signed proofs of Interface and The Cobweb.
  • One of only 25 copies of Howard Waldrop’s self-published The Soul-Taker from 1966.
  • Manly Wade Wellman’s the Invading Asteroid and Devil’s Planet.
  • Lots of Gene Wolfe proofs, plus Talk of Mandrakes and four Cheap Street chapbooks.
  • Loads and load of signed Roger Zelazny proofs, plus Poems and A Rhapsody in Amber.
  • Mass Market Paperbacks

    Since I started concentrating on hardbacks very early it, I actually have fewer paperbacks than hardback.




    Notable items (all paperback originals unless otherwise noted):

  • Several signed Aaron Allston books.
  • All six true first edition/first printing/first state of Clive Barker’s Books of Blood, all signed.
  • Some signed Neal Barrett, Jr.
  • A copy of John Brunner’s pseudonymously published porn novel The Incestuous Lovers.
  • Some signed Pat Cadigan, including a paperback proof of Synners.
  • A lot of Philip K. Dick.
  • A lot of Harlan Ellison.
  • Some Philip Jose Farmer, including Love Song and an association copy of Down in the Black Gang inscribed to Bruce Sterling.
  • Some Ray Garton.
  • An inscribed William Gibson Neuromancer.
  • Some signed Harry Harrison.
  • Some signed K.W. Jeter, including Seeklight and The Dreamfields.
  • All R.A. Lafferty’s PBOs, including Ringing Changes.
  • Several signed Joe Lansdale PBOs, including his three MIA Hunter books and the very rare Molly’s Sexual Follies, the last also co-signed by co-author Brad Foster.
  • Some Tanith Lee.
  • Some George R.R. Martin, including most of the Wild Cards books, the early ones signed by George and several other contributors.
  • Some signed Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle reprints.
  • All Tim Powers PBOs, signed.
  • Spider Robinson’s Antimony.
  • All Rudy Rucker’s PBOs, including White Light, The Sex Sphere, Spacetime Donuts, and The 57th Franz Kafka.
  • All Michael Shea’s PBOs, some signed.
  • Several John Shirley PBOs, most signed, including The Brigade, Cellars and City Come A’Walkin.
  • All John Skipp & Craig Spector’s PBOs, several signed.
  • A good bit of Brian Stableford.
  • Inscribed true (Canadian) first of Sean Stewart’s Passion Play.
  • Bruce Sterling’s Involution Ocean and A Good Old Fashioned Future, inscribed.
  • Some Theodore Sturgeon, several PBOs, one reprint signed.
  • A lot of Jack Vance, some signed.
  • Some Manly Wade Wellman PBOs, including the rare movie novelization A Double Life.
  • A whole lot of Zelazny, almost all of it signed.
  • Finally, note that while none of these books are for sale, I do have many science fiction, fantasy and horror first editions (many signed) available through the Lame Excuse Books web page.

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