Armadillocon 32 Photos (Part 3)

Here’s Bradley Denton, urging Richard M. Nixon’s head on to victory.

Doug Potter.

William Browning Spencer asked that his orange visage be stricken from the Internet.

Howard Waldrop. The background came out so nice I left it in.

Howard setting up for his reading, where he read portions of The Moone World

A. Lee Martinez.

Stina Leicht.

Willie Siros.

A very tried Scott Bobo.

The hardcore Dead Dog Party attendees, from left to right: Jonathan Miles, Michael Sumbera, Andrew Wimsatt, Richard Simental, Dwight Brown.

Here’s Part 1.

Here’s Part 2.

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3 Responses to “Armadillocon 32 Photos (Part 3)”

  1. Dwight Brown says:

    You know, if this writing thing doesn’t work out for William Browning Spencer, he can always join the cast of *Jersey Shore*…

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