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Library Addition: Frank Kelly Freas’ The Art of Science Fiction

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

A limited edition SF art book I picked up relatively cheap:

Freas, Frank Kelly. The Art of Science Fiction. Donning, 1977. First edition hardback, #234 of 1,000 copies with a signature plate signed by Freas pasted inside the front cover, a Fine copy in decorated boards, sans dust jacket, as issued. Bought for $50 off eBay.

Art Freas

This appears to be the very first SF book published by either Donning or Donning/Starblaze, the latter of which was quite an active imprint until tapering off in the late 1980s.

Library Addition: Stephen Fabian’s Crystal of a Hundred Dreams Portfolio

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Another odd Jack-Vance related item:

Fabian, Stephen. Crystal of a Hundred Dreams: A Portfolio by Stephen E. Fabian. Underwood/Miller, 1979. First edition oversized softbound art portfolio, one of 550 sets produced, a Fine copy, still in shrinkwrap. Illustrations from the U/M Jack Vance books The Eyes of the Overworld, The Seventeen virgins and The Bagful of Dreams. Chalker/Owings (1991), page 431 (where they note it’s “Uncommon,” most sets having been broken up and framed). Bought for $55 from a fellow Jack Vance collector.


Hard to get a good pick, since it’s too big for the scanner and I kept getting light bounce from the shrinkwrap….

Scary Post-It Notes

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Pat Cadigan posted this to her Facebook page and I instantly filed it away for a Halloween season post. It’s about a guy who does horror illustrations on Post-It notes.

Like this:

Or this:

He’s got a Hayao Miyazaki by way of Edward Gorey and Gahan Wilson thing going on there…

Library Additions: Three Art Books

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Three more items from L. W. Currey’s $10 sale, all art books (for certain values of the word “book”):

  • Fabian, Stephen. Women & Wonders. Charles F. Miller, 1995. First edition hardback, a Fine copy in a Fine dust jacket, still in shrink wrap.
  • Finlay, Virgil. An Astrology Sketch Book. Donald M. Grant, 1975. First edition hardback, a Fine copy in a Fine dust jacket. Oddly enough, $10 is the actual cover price…

    Finlay Astrology

  • Finlay, Virgil. Finlay’s Illustrations for Weird Tales. Showcase Art Productions, 1976. First edition art portfolio of 9 illustrations (one in color) in a cardstock cover, a Fine copy.

    Finlay Weird Tales 1

  • H. R. Giger, RIP

    Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

    Pioneering artist H. R, Giger has died at age 74. Few other 20th century artists produced work so technically accomplished, pioneering, and disturbing (all at the same time) as his biomechanical paintings, which were mostly produced by airbrush. Even if Giger had never done the design for Alien, his work would still have been hugely influential. And few artists are able to open successful museums of their own work in their own lifetimes.

    Library Addition: John Picacio’s 2014 Calendar (+Kickstarter Goodies)

    Sunday, January 5th, 2014

    This came in the day before Christmas, and I haven’t had a chance to blog it until now. It isn’t quite a book, but close enough:

    Picacio, John. John Picacio 2014 Calendar. Lone Boy, 2013. First edition, Fine, signed by the artist, with Kickstarter specials, including six oversized loteria cards, a sketcbook, and a signed pencil. Click to embiggen.


    They’re Dogs! And They’re Playing…Magic?

    Sunday, November 17th, 2013

    I don’t back that many Kickstarters, but this one is tempting, especially since I do like the iconic work of Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, and appreciate the conniptions he induces in the Art Police.

    The problem is, I’ve never played Magic: The Gathering. But I bet there are enough people out there who have to make this Kickstarter, which is currently 30% away from their $1,000 goal.

    (Hat tip: Moe Lane.)

    Last 3 Days To Get in On the 2014 John Picacio Calendar

    Monday, November 11th, 2013

    I meant to put a word in on the 2014 John Picacio Calendar Kickstarter but Stuff and Things got in the way.

    Anyway, now that it’s in the last three days, your time to join it is running out. The project is already funded, but I get the impression it won’t be sold in stores.

    It’s also a chance to support his ongoing Loteria card project:

    If you like art and need a calendar, you might want to go over and get in while the getting is good…

    XKCD’s Time

    Sunday, March 31st, 2013

    It’s easy to assume that everyone in the world follows Randall Munroe’s geeky online stickman webcomic XKCD, since it seems all my friends do. For those that don’t, last Monday he put up a strip called “Time.” This strip, like his uber-large “Click-and-Drag”, plays with the conventions of the form. “Time” started out with a static, non-gag image with the hover-over label “wait for it.” Since then, he’s updated the image every half-hour to an hour, even though he’s done new strips on the usual M-W-F schedule. If you follow the images in order, “Time” shows two people (which XKCD devotees have dubbed “Cueball” and “Megan”) building a sand castle.

    Here’s an animated gif of the images so far:

    Here’s a quicker version, which you can also step through, speed up, slow down, etc.

    Here’s the explanation page for it, as well as its own Wikia. We now have a real-life version of those people obsessively tracking online image snippets from Pattern Recognition, except we actually know who they’re from.

    The obvious metaphor is how time continues to flow and things change when you’re not watching.

    As of this writing, the images are still being updated. Munroe could keep updating that one comic for a long, long, er, time, especially if he decreases the update rate.

    Conceivably, “Time” could be a long-running conceptual art project and keep updating for the rest of our lives, and beyond, like that German church playing John Cage’s “As Slowly as Possibly” for 629 years…

    Stavanger Eye of Sauron 2.0

    Monday, January 7th, 2013

    So back in February last year, I took a business trip to Stavanger, Norway. There I stayed in a Hotel that had a large tapestry I dubbed “The Eye of Sauron”:

    Now comes word that Stavanger has another Eye of Sauron.

    Cities outside Stavanger are obviously suffering an Eye of Sauron Gap…