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Shoegazer Sunday: Lazy Legs’ “Crush”

Sunday, August 21st, 2016

Lazy legs is a Chicago-based trio that just released Visiondeath, their debut album. And here’s “Crush.” Because: Doggies!

(Hat tip: Primal Music Blog.)

Pictures from the 2012 Chicago Worldcon: Monday

Monday, September 17th, 2012

And here’s the final set of picture from the Chicago Worldcon, taken on Monday before I left, including some book dealers.

Willis Siros, bookdealer and next year’s Worldcon Fan Guest of Honor:

Mike Walsh, owner of Old Earth Books (and if you’re looking for any of his Howard Waldrop books signed by Howard, I can hook you up).

Greg Ketter of Dreamhaven Books, along with a big of the dealer’s room. For some reason pictures that include large interior spaces always seem to come out orange on my camera.

Larry Hallock of Ygor’s Books.

Sheila Williams, holding her Hugo.

Stephen Haffner, of Haffner Press.

Mel Korshak, founder of Shasta Publishers and someone who attended the first Worldcon in 1939!

I’ve put up two crappy pictures of Charlie Stross, so finally here’s a good one, after he came over to join me, Pat Cadigan and Gardner Dozois for drinks.

And that’s all she wrote for the 2012 Worldcon! See you in San Antonio!

Pictures from the 2012 Chicago Worldcon: Sunday

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Yes, more Worldcon photos. I’ve broken them up across multiple posts so the page didn’t load so slowly readers would think they were back in the Geocities era.

Dantzel Cherry and her friends charge up their eye lasers.

Legendary fan David Kyle, who attended the first Worldcon in New York City in 1939!

How many legends can you spot in this photo? David Hartwell, Robert Silverberg, and Joe and Gay Haldeman all talk to David Kyle.

Connie Willis, enjoying the first Worldcon where she wasn’t required to present an award since she was six years old.

With Mary Robinette Kowal, who survived the ordeal of being a SFWA officer.

Michael Cassutt, just minutes before he was tragically bored to death at the Robert A. Heinlein Society annual meeting.

Adam-Troy Castro. “I said sell Greek bonds! SELL!”

Steve Jackson, who was there with his Chaos Machine setup. “What’s that? I can’t hear you over the sound of all that money my Ogre Kickstarter made.”

Not-so-secret master of Fandom Ben Yalow.

John Picacio, in the last known photo of him before he won the freaking Hugo Award.

James Patrick Kelly and Robert Silverberg.

Saturday night I dined with Scott Bobo, Kurt Baty, Sarah Felix, Ed Scarborough, and Spike and Tom at Everest, a 7 course meal that took three and a half hours and cost $200. Sunday, before the Hugos? I ate at Chipolte with Dantzel and some of her friends.

Remember, pictures of attractive women are your best blog-visit drivers!

David Brin is the Belle of the Ball:

Molly Nixon, ready for the Hugos.

As is Mary Robinette Kowal.

Jim Minz and Mike Resnick at the door of the Baen party.

Scott Edelman and Robert Reed, in a diagonally framed shot to get both of them in.

Jay Lake, embossed by rocketship.

You go, I go, for podcasting Hugos:

Neil Gaiman, after the Hugos.

John Scalzi in Murder by Hugo (Neil’s, as it happens).

Scott Edelman’s fashion approaches David Hartwell levels of taste.

And now, for the full effect: With the shoes.

A better picture of Sue Burke, with 85% less “about to be eaten by zombies” grimness.

Texas Worldcon Chairman Bill Parker looking sharp.

Jim Mann, proving that some moose ties kan be pretty nasti.

Another crappy picture of Charlie Stross, this one wearing his “Christopher Priest yells at a cloud” inspired t-shirt.

It’s not my fault! She kept changing her outfit!

Pictures from the 2012 Chicago Worldcon: Saturday

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

Dantzel Cherry, show us your buffalo!

As long as you’re not using it to flack for another science fiction writer named Lawrence…damnit!

Part of a big crowd (along with Beth Mechem and Willie Siros) in the Tor Party:

David Brin, caught mid-laugh:

A very sleepy Lawrence Watt-Evans:

One spins, one measures, one cuts.

I attended the Worldcon SFWA Business meeting at 9 AM that morning, which included a “breakfast” of fruit and bagels. For San Antonio, may I suggest breakfast tacos?

Joe Haldeman also attended.

As did Eileen Gunn.

Gardner Dozois and Eileen.

Elizabeth Bear. If Elizabeth Bear and Greg Bear ever meet, they have the power to transform into a giant grizzly.

A crappy picture from the totally awesome “Secret History of Worldcon” panel. George R. R. Martin (who I was finally able to get my Hugo Loser ribbon from), Mike Resnick, Joe Haldeman, Robert Silverberg. Gardner Dozois, who spaced on the time, joined later. I hope someone recorded that panel. It was epic!

Paolo Bacigalupi and his crying/vomiting cat t-short.

Night Shade Press publisher and infamous clothes horse Jeremy Lassen.

And I never knew he was a Texas Longhorns fan!

John Two-Time Hugo NomineeOne-Time Hugo WINNER DeNardo of SF Signal.

Sue Burke and hubby. I wanted to get pictures to remember them by after the Iberian cannibalism breaks out.

Scott Lynch, with nifty Lovecraft & Tesla T-shirt.

Up close and personal.

James Patrick Kelly must be going.

Gardner Dozois and Amy Sisson:

Janis Ian. Yes, that Janis Ian.

Pictures from the 2012 Chicago WorldCon: Friday

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

The obligatory Stina Leicht picture:

Stina was a John W. Campbell Award nominee this year, and she moderated a panel that included Gene Wolfe, Martha Wells, and Joan D. Vinge (below).

After the panel I had lunch with Gene Wolfe, Gary K. Wolfe (below), Gene’s daughter Teri Goulding, and Gary’s girlfriend Stacie Hanes.

Gary ordered the Frank Gehry Sandwich, impressively postmodern and completely impractical.

Alaskan David Marusek:

Laura Ann Gilman. “Smile broadly! Drink heavily!”

Bookseller and Tiger Eye Press publisher Chris Edwards:

Allen Steele.

Jim Minz and Catherine Asaro. I trust you can guess which is which.

James Patrick Kelly, John Kessel and David Marusek. “Look into my eyes!”

Toastmaster and SFWA President John Scalzi:

Pictures from the 2012 Chicago WorldCon: Wednesday & Thursday

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Always willing to get cheap blog fodder document science fiction history, I tried to take pictures of just about everyone I knew that I bumped into there.

Scott Bobo and Kurt Baty pretend they’ve been hard at work setting up the art show.

Elizabeth Moon, hanging out in front of the Lone Star Con 3 table.

The ubiquitous Guest of Honor Mike Resnick at one of the approximately 700 parties he attended over the week.

John Kessel looms large in science fiction.

Scott Bobo sitting in front of the portal to London that suddenly appeared behind him.

A blurry Adam Troy-Castro stands in front of an equally blurry Charles Stross. Obviously there was some sort of temporal disturbance in the dealer’s room.

Sue Burke contemplates her life after the collapse of the Spanish economy.

Noted lush Scott Bobo yet again, doing what he does best. Bobo, Kurt, Ed Scarborough and I ended up eating out together three times during Worldcon, hence extra pics of some of them. This one is from the original Morton’s.

Ed Sacrborough and Jonathan Miles. “Is that bastard taking our picture again?”

Kurt and Grady, whose skin has lightened considerably since his stint on Sanford & Son.

More pics, probably tomorrow.

Back from the Chicago Worldcon

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Got home from the Chicago Worldcon today. Regular blogging to resume tomorrow.

On-tap: Photos. Lots and lots of photos.