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Halloween Horrors: Mummified Clown

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Which is scarier, a clown or a mummy?

Well, how about a mummified clown?

The California Institute of Abnormalarts, a bar and concert venue that also functions as a museum of oddities, is home to something that will make anyone with coulrophobia (an irrational fear of clowns) quake in their boots…and it’s every bit as creepy as you might imagine….

Some time ago, Crew acquired what he claims to be the mummified corpse of a clown known as Achile Chatouilleu, a performer who died in 1912.

Achile, whose name translates to “French tickler,” reportedly asked before his death to be embalmed in his favorite clown costume and makeup. The body – which is still in perfect condition today – is pretty creepy, to say the least.

If anyone reading this is out in LA, feel free to drop by the CIA and let me know how well-embalmed the clown looks up close…

Can’t Sleep, The Clown Will Eat Me

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Via Gardner Dozois’ Facebook comes news that it’s International Clown Week. I don’t suffer from Clownophobia, but I’ve known people who do.

So let’s take this moment to remember Bart Simpson’s awesome bed:

Alice Cooper even did a song:

And speaking of bed:

Maybe International Clown Week exists to remind us it’s just three months until Halloween