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Library Curiosities: The Space Squid Cuneiform Clay Tablet

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

You may have heard about science fiction fanzine Space Squid printing one of their issues on the ultimate form of Dead Media: inscribed in cuneiform on a baked clay tablet. Of these, I think they auctioned off five at Armadillocon.

Being one of the few people in the world with a complete collection of Space Squid issues (they actually told me that Nova Express was one of their sources of inspiration, the poor deluded fools), naturally I had to pick one up, which I did for the munificent sum of $11. (Bidding seemed more brisk for the usual cats-with-wings and dragon-related art items.)

My tablet. Let me show it to you.

Click to gallery-ize, the click again to embiggen. The first picture is of it sitting in it’s resting place on my mantelpiece, and the other two pics are close-ups of the front and back. (And here’s another Wired story with pics.)

In truth, the tablet (which contains the Kevin Brown story “Hunting Bigfoot”) is actually pretty hard to read, and I’m not sure how permanent the medium is; the clay has a tendency to flake off. Still, I’m sure that some 50 years hence an insane fanzine collector will be paying big bucks for one…

Here’s Matthew Bey’s step by step tutorial on how he created them.