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Library Additions: Three Signed A. E. van Vogt Books

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

L.W. Currey had another sale, and I found three books signed firsts by A. E. van Vogt, who I previously had no signed books for (plus one other).

  • Pratt, Fletcher. Double in Space. Doubleday, 1951. First edition hardback, a Fine copy in a Near Fine dust jacket with moderate spine fading. Bought for $8.

    Double in Space

  • Van Vogt, A. E. The Battle of Forever. Author’s Co-Op, 1978. First edition hardback, #57 of 500 signed, numbered copies, a Fine copy in a Near Fine dust jacket with rubbing at head and along rear edges. Bought for $8.

    Battle of Forever

  • Van Vogt, A. E. The Beast. Doubleday Science Fiction, 1963. First edition hardback, a Fine copy in a Fine- dust jacket with the barest traces of wear at head and heel. Signed by van Vogt: “Sincerely/A.E. and Lydia van Vogt.” Replaces an unsigned copy. Bought for $8.

    van Vogt Beast

  • Van Vogt, A. E. The War Against the Rull. Simon & Schuster, 1959. First edition hardback, a Fine copy in a Near Fine dust jacket with soiling along join line of white rear cover and touches of wear elsewhere. Inscribed by the author: “With the compliments/of the author/A. E. van Vogt.” Bought for $8.

    War Against the Rull


  • Library Additions: A Random Assortment of Interesting Books

    Monday, June 17th, 2013

    Books and related items, and no particular theme, other than interesting firsts I picked up. Been dawdling about getting this documented, and now I need to put it up so I can catalog a major acquisition of books I made Friday…

  • Bok, Hannes. Bok 1. Glenn Nigra, 1975. Portfolio with 12 loose Hannes Bok illustration sheets, portfolio folder Fine- with bumping to corners, all illustrations Fine. Uneven shading in pic is a scanner artifact, as the portfolio folder is actually slightly too large to fit on the scanner.

  • De Camp, L. Sprague, and Fletcher Pratt. The Carnelian Cube. Gnome Press, 1948. First edition hardback, a Very Good+ copy with bumping at head and heel and wear at heel and tips, and slight dust soiling at head, in a Very Good- dust jacket with 1/4″ loss at head, and slightly less loss at heel and tips, significant fading to red ink on spine (the cube is barely carnelian anymore), partial stamp on rear flap, top front (non-price) flap trimmed at very tip, and general wear. The first Gnome Press book. Chalker & Owings, page 197. Earl Terry Kemp, The Anthem Series*, page 191. Currey (1978), page 132.

    Really only a placeholder copy, and I wouldn’t even have picked it up if it hadn’t been part of a lot with:

  • De Camp, L. Sprague, and Fletcher Pratt. Land of Unreason. Henry Holt and Company, 1942. First edition hardback, a Near Fine+ plus copy, with slight bumping at head and heel and slight dust soiling to page block at heel, in a Near Fine dust jacket with age darkening to rear cover. A very nice copy, and a splendid example of the Boris Artzybasheff dust jacket. Bought for $34 for this and the above (plus shipping and buyers premium) off Heritage Auctions.

  • McKillip, Patricia A. The Forgotten Beasts of Eld. Atheneum, 1974. First edition hardback, a Near Fine copy with bend at head and heel in a Near Fine- dust jacket with crimping at head and heel, edgewear and a closed 1/4″ tear at top front cover. The very first winner of the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel. Pringle, Modern Fantasy 100, #54. Bought for $26 off the Internet.

  • Swanwick, Michael. It Came Upon a Midnight. Dragonstairs Press, 2011. First edition chapbook original, #81 of 100 signed, numbered copies, a Fine- copy with one faint stray mark to front.

  • Swanwick, Michael. Midwinter Elves. Dragonstairs Press, 2012. First edition chapbook original, #15 of 100 signed, numbered copies, a Fine- copy with small stain on rear.

  • Vance, Jack. The Eyes of the Overworld. Gregg Press, 1977. First hardback edition, a Fine copy, sans dust jacket, as issued. Sequel to The Dying earth featuring Cugel the Clever. Precedes the Underwood/Miller edition. Hewett, A26g. Currey (1978), page 498.

  • Wolfe, Gary K. American Science Fiction: Nine Classic Novels of the 1950s. The Library of America, 2012. First Edition hardback thus, being a two volume compilation of some of the best American SF novels of the 1950s: Frederik Pohl and C. M. Kornbluth’s The Space Merchants, Theodore Sturgeon’s More Than Human, Leigh Brackett’s The Long Tomorrow, Richard Matheson’s The Shrinking Man, Robert A. Heinlein’s Double Star, Alfred Bester’s The Stars My Destination, James Blish’s A Case of Conscience, Algis Budrys’ Who?, and Fritz Leiber’s The Big Time, both volumes Fine in Fine dust jackets, new and unread, in a Fine slipcase. This is an example of book collecting madness, since I either have first editions of, or have already read, all the books here except Who?, but I thought this was a handsome set when it came out, and snapped this up when it showed up at Half Price Books.

  • *This is a newly published reference work on SF specialty publishers. I hope to finish a review of it Real Soon Now, and I’ll have copies for sale through Lame Excuse Books.