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Library Addition: Tim Powers’ Poems

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

I actually bought this last year, at the same time I bought Coffin Nails, but Charnel House didn’t send me my copies until I prodded them in April.

Powers, Tim. Poems. Charnel House, 2016. First edition hardback, #54 of 200 signed, numbered copies, a Fine copy, sans dust jacket, as issued.

Powers Poems

I’ll have an additional copy for sale in the next Lame Excuse Books catalog.

Library Addition: Signed, Limited Edition of Postscripts 30/31: Memoryville Blues

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

I used to subscribe to the hardback edition of Postscripts way back when, and have had three stories in various issues, so I try to pick up any issues I’m missing, and the price was certainly right.

Crowether, Peter and Nick Gevers. Postscripts 30/31: Memoryville Blues. PS Publishing, 2013. First edition hardback, #173 of 200 copies signed by all the contributors, a Fine copy in a Fine dust jacket and a Fine slipcase, new and unread. Bought off eBay for $15, which works out to less than a dollar a signature…

Library Addition: Signed, Ltd. Edition of Margaret Atwood’s The Year of the Flood

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Not particularly an Atwood fan, but I got it very cheap for a signed, limited edition by a major author:

Atwood, Margaret. The Year of the Flood. Bloomsbury (UK), 2009. First edition hardback, # 653 of 1,000 signed, numbered copies, a Fine copy in decorated boards with silver gilt edges, in a Fine slipcase, sans dust jacket, as issued. Bought for $7.50 at Half Price Books, marked down from $15 with a 50% off coupon. (I suspect that Half Price got a few copies quietly remaindered from the publisher, as they often do for UK books.)

Atwood Flood

That’s a picture of the front of the slipcase, as there’s no writing on the book itself except on the spine.

According to the ISFDB, this limited edition is a true first (simultaneous with the trade hardback and trade paperback states), and was originally issued at £75, so I got it for less than 1/10th cover price…

Library Addition: The Illustrated Harlan Ellison

Friday, January 13th, 2017

I already had the Illustrated Zelazny volume, so I kept an eye out for this one:

Ellison, Harlan. The Illustrated Harlan Ellison. Baronet Publishing, 1978. First edition hardback, #2014 of 3000 signed, numbered copies, a Fine- copy with wear at tips, otherwise intact with inset color cover illustration still affixed and 3D glasses still attached in the middle, sans dust jacket, as issued. Bought off eBay for $24.99 (the opening bid).

Illustrated Ellison

Library Addition: 1/100 Signed Numbered Hardback Copies of Lauren Beukes Zoo City

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Here’s a book I’ve looked for at a price I could afford for a while. Copies would show up online, but typically in the $300+ range.

Beukes, Lauren. Zoo City. Angry Robot, 2010. First hardback edition and first UK edition, one of 100 signed copies (the only hardback edition), a Fine copy in a Fine- dust jacket with a very slight wrinkle at rear heel join, otherwise new and unread. Preceded by the Jacana Media (South Africa) paperback edition. Bought off eBay for $99 (the opening bid).

Zoo City


And here’s the limitation statement on the bottom of the front dust jacket flap.


Library Addition: Harlan Ellison’s Coffin Nails

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

Here’s another beautiful Charnel House limited edition:

Ellison, Harlan. Coffin Nails. Charnel House, 2016. First edition oversized hardback, a Fine copy, #73 of 200 signed, numbered copies, sans dust jacket, as issued. The usual lavish Charnel House production, an attractive brown patterned (“crackle paper”) binding, with embossed silver nails spelling out “HE” on the front cover, and a giant silver nail on the spine. Features 25 uncollected Ellison stories from across his career.


This came in just before I sent out the latest Lame Excuse Book catalog went out. I still have one copy for sale if you want one SOLD.

Library Addition: 1 of 13 Copies of Michael Swanwick’s Universe Box

Monday, August 15th, 2016

This is a case of not only what you know, but who you know and when you know it.

I know Michael Swanwick and I’m a Dragonstairs Press regular, carrying their chapbooks through Lame Excuse Books. For a while now I’ve heard both Michael and his wife/Dragonstairs proprietor Marianne Porter talk about the Universe Box project, which was not only going to be an ultra-limited edition book, but also a weirdo art assemblage/fetish object.

They finally announced the details on August 3: at precisely noon EDT (11 AM CDT) on Saturday, August 6, 2016, they would be offering up 10 Universe Boxes (out of a total run of 13) on a first come, first serve basis on the Dragonstairs website. Which is how I came to be sitting at my computer, hitting the refresh button on the Dragonstair Press page, until the purchase button finally appeared right after the appointed time. I was evidently the first person to snag one, and all 10 copies sold out in three and a half minutes.

Here’s the Dragonstair description:

Universe Boxes is a collaborative project by Michael Swanwick and Marianne Porter. The boxes were assembled over several years by Porter, and the novelette was written by Swanwick.

The project has four distinct elements:

The Box

Each box is an actual cigar box, lined with astronomical charts and photomoechanicals of paleontological art. (Please note: the boxes have been carefully cleaned, bicarbonate of soda-ed, aired out, and Febreezed, but they originally held real tobacco.)

The exterior of each box has a Dragonstairs Press return address sticker and appropriate rubber-stamp-canceled postage for the item to go through the mail. (Out of concern for the contents, the Universe Boxes will be padded and shipped in larger boxes.) When each is sold, an address sticker with its purchaser’s name and address will be added. The whole will then be tied up with string.

The Contents

A variety of objects have been included in each. Every box has a hand-bound signed copy of Universe Box by Michael Swanwick and a vaccine created by Marianne Porter (more on these below).

Contents of one box, identified as Coma Bernices/Pleistocene include:

glass beads
vacuum tube
red gem coral Corallium sp.
sectioned geode
postal reply coupon
vintage German glass taxidermy eyes
winged pin
calling cards

Plus, of course, the vaccine and book. Some of the above items are common to all boxes but most are not. The contents of each box are unique to it.

Packing material consists of early drafts of the included story, run through a shredder.

The Story

Universe Box is a previously-unpublished 10,500 word fantasy dealing with cosmic powers, giraffe wranglers, the purpose of existence, and the most boring young man in all the universe. Physically, it is a stab-bound book with decorative paper covers, roughly six inches by four inches, issued in an edition of thirteen plus one printer’s proof. The books are all autographed by Michael Swanwick and a contents list is autographed by both the author and the publisher.

The Vaccine

One vaccine is included per box. These are individual works of art by Marianne Porter, consisting of a glass serum bottle (2 cm x 4.5 cm) filled with specifics “against what ails you.” The bottle is sealed with a rubber stopper and topped with a crimped aluminum cap. It can be opened, but once opened cannot be resealed. The contents of each vaccine are unique to it. The one included in Coma Bernices/Pleistocene, for example, contains human hair, an agate bead, and wire.

The vaccines are part of a larger series, none of which have previously been made available for purchase.

And here’s my listing for it:

Swanwick, Michael and Marianne Porter. Universe Box. Dragonstairs Press, 2016. First edition “hardback” (oblong stiff stab-bound/side-sewn boards, no spine binding, with bead), a Fine copy, sans dust jacket, as issued, in a Fine decorated traycase (i.e., an old cigar box) with several art assemblage pieces included, one of only 13 copies (of which only 10 were available for sale), of which this particular copy (the first one sold) is labeled “Draco/Recent.” Art objects included in the particular box include:

  • A bottled “vaccine” consisting of opossum teeth.
  • A shark tooth
  • A vacuum tube
  • A thin slice of mica, encased between two pieces of blue construction paper in a small black velvet pouch
  • Vintage German glass taxidermy eyes
  • A piece of red gem coral Corallium
  • A jade button
  • A postal reply coupon, originally from Germany
  • Five beads (three orange, two pink) bound together with an orange string
  • 7 calling cards, tied with a gray string, encased in another black velvet pouch.
  • An inventory sheet for the box signed by both Swanwick and Porter.
  • Packing material made from shredded early drafts of the story.
  • Other things listed on the sheet are pasted to the inside surfaces of the box.

    Universe Box Outside

    Outside of the box, address blurred out. Since the box came with the purchaser’s name and addressed affixed to the box with a label, I guess future librarians will officially refer to this as the “Codex Person” copy…


    Universe Box opened.


    With the content spread out to photograph.


    A closer look at the objects included.


    With the included cards spread out.


    Everything again, with cards spread out.

    Universe Box Book

    The book itself.


    Inside the book.

    And here’s Swanwick himself with an unboxing video:

    Library Addition: Signed, Limited Edition of Ray Bradbury’s Death is a Lonely Business

    Thursday, June 30th, 2016

    Another signed Ray Bradbury first, one I’ve been patiently stalking for quite some time.

    Bradbury, Ray. Death is a Lonely Business. Franklin Library, 1985. First edition hardback (precedes the Knopf trade edition, per the Locus database), a Fine copy in decorated leather boards, sans dust jacket, as issued. Signed by Bradbury. Mystery novel, the first of many, and his first new novel since The Halloween Tree. Bought for $34.95 off eBay.

    Death Lonely LTD

    Library Addition: Signed Edition of Philip Jose Farmer’s The Other in the Mirror

    Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

    I didn’t pick this up in the signed edition when it first came out, but I found it online cheap enough to be worth picking up.

    Farmer, Philip Jose. The Other in the Mirror. Subterranean Press, 2009. First edition hardback, with a signed (but unnumbered) limitation page, a Fine copy in a Fine dust jacket and Fine slipcase. Omnibus edition of three novels (Fire in the Night, Jesus on Mars, and Night of Light), the first two of which were only published as paperback originals. Original price for the signed/numbered edition was $125. This supplements my trade edition, and all editions are now out of print from the publisher. Bought off eBay for $24.95 plus shipping.

    Library Additions: Three PS Publishing Limited Editions

    Monday, February 22nd, 2016

    PS Publishing had a sale, and I picked up three limited editions of things I already had the trade editions of.

  • Bradbury, Ray. Greentown Tinseltown. PS Publishing, 2012. First edition hardback, #29 of 50 copies signed by editor Donn Albright, a Fine copy in a Fine dust jacket and decorated boards. Trade state lacks the dust jacket and limitation page.
  • Lansdale, Joe R. Edge of Dark Water. PS Publishing, 2012. First edition hardback, #221 of 300 signed copies, a Fine copy in a Fine dust jacket and decorated boards and a Near Fine slipcase with a 1″ indention.
  • Lansdale, Joe R. Trapped in the Saturday Matinee. PS Publishing, 2012. First edition hardback, #157 of 200 signed copies, a Fine copy in a Fine dust jacket and decorated boards and a Fine slipcase.