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Armadillocon 2011 Photos for Friday, August 26

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Mark Finn, rocking the cutting edge of FEZ NATION!

Howard Waldrop.

Dwight Brown gets the pre-convention lunch off to his usual facepalming start. What set him off this time was Todd saying “Look! We’re haircut twinsies!”

DUFF winner David Cake.

Early Turkey Citizen Joe Pumilia.

There was a picture of William Browning Spencer, but he has evidently grown disenchanted with his own visage, and asked that it be removed..

Al Jackson. For once I snapped a picture with his eyes open. Thanks for lunch, Al!

Dwight, mournful that his mama took his Kodachrome away.

Michael Sumbera, taking a break from assembling his retail sales empire.

Aaron Allston. Generally, I only see Aaron at: A.) Cons, or B.) Indian restaurants.

James Reasoner.

John DeNardo: “You know I hate having my picture taken.” Naturally, after he said that, I’m required to take his picture several additional times.

Like this one.

And this one.

Bruce Sterling was having a garage sale of books at the con. Here he is holding aloft the (true story) Rudy Rucker books I had pulled from the pile, refusing to sell them to me. Including the copy of The 57th Franz Kafka I had given him as a gift 15 years before. “I’ve got to donate these to UT.” Thanks a lot, Bruce.

Bill Crider, reenacting a scene from Daredevil.

Bill again, now with added sight.

Stina Leicht, with her hair in the traditional Blue Con shade.

Two people, both of whom complained that I took their picture too much. You can see how well those complaints worked out for them.

Rocky Kelley, artistic dandy and man-about-town.

Jessica Reisman. The camera is set properly, it’s just that Jessica lives her entire life in soft focus. Doctors keep doing tests to determine the cause.

Jasmina Tesanovic and Bruce Sterling. “It’s a 110° out today! I’m feeling pretty darn good about my Global Warming predictions!”

Derek Johnson. You can’t see it, but just below the frame of this picture, he’s clutching a snifter of brandy with one hand and stroking a white cat with the other.

Gretchen Peterson Johnston shows that she is totally ready for the Fetish Boot Ball.

Chris Nakashima-Brown n. Brown this guy I know.

Yvonne Daily and Phil Brogden, who you may remember from such hits as “Goddamnit, Lawrence, you sure take a lot of freaking convention pictures, don’t you?”

Robert Jackson Bennett, author of the spiffy first novel Mr. Shivers, copies of which can be obtained in the usual manner.

Bradley Denton assumes the now-traditional “Oh yeah? Then I’ll take YOUR picture!” position.

Jessica Reisman Redux.

Paolo Bacigalupi and Bruce Sterling, debating whose global warming future is more wretched and dystopian.

Rich Simental.


The Space Squidians, shortly after freebasing some ink.

Brad Foster, with a Hugo that might seem familiar.

“You so naughty!”

Kasey Lansdale, mooning over Mark Finn. (I warned you, Finn! I said UNMARKED twenties!)

Scott Cupp, James Reasoner and Joe R. Lansdale, talking about F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, and why you can’t get good belt onions anymore.

Ben Yalow.

It was….the unnameable.

Apollocon 2011 Pictures

Monday, July 4th, 2011

My computer was in the shop, so I haven’t had a chance to do the usual photo roundup until now.

Stina Leicht.

The public has cried out “Stina! We just can’t get enough photos of her! Could you possibly put up a bunch more?” The blue hair fetish crowd has spoken, and who am I to deny the public what it wants? Vox populi, vox dei.

(If you’re wondering whether the phrase “Blue Hair Fetish” bring up a lot of Google hits, I can tell you: Yes. Yes it does. And you shouldn’t test this theory at work. (See also: Rule 34.))

Julia Mandala, Linda Donahue, and Bill Crider.

Martha Wells and Troyce Wilson, just back from their awesome private tour of NASA. They even showed them the video feed of the top secret moonbase and the dead alien in the third subbasement freezer…

Three of the four redheads of the apocalypse: Julia Mandala, Rhonda Eudaly, and Linda Donahue.

Gabrielle Faust.

Patrice Sarath.

Stina Leicht: The Seconding.

Stina and SF Signal head honcho John DeNardo, whose mouth and eyes are wired in such a way that when one opens, the other must close.

Jayme Lynn Blaschke, who suffers from no such limitations.

Martha Wells, wearing a black outfit against the black backdrop the concom thoughtfully provided.

Editor Guest of Honor Ann VanderMeer, of the Florida Science Fiction VanderMeers.

Texas in 2013 Worldcon bid chair Bill Parker with international confidence man Fred Duarte.

Jonathan Miles, pledging to eat only the brand of butter-substitute promoted by William Shatner.

Stina: The Return of the Attack of the Revenge of the Quickening

Gabrielle Faust, who wisely opted for the decorative white corset and brass goggles against the black background.

Lou Antonelli, Bill Crider and Jayme Lynn Blaschke.

Artist Guest of Honor Rocky Kelley.

Bill Parker in the militantly festooned Texas in 2013 suite.

A closeup of Bill Crider from an earlier picture. Cropping! The hallmark of quality photographs!