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Pictures from the World Horror Convention in Austin, Friday, April 29, 2011: Part 2

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

The front of Kasey Lansdale’s head.

Stina Leicht, Mikal Trimm and Guest of Honor Joe Hill. This was right before Hill discussed that most important of philosophical question: If you have a cloth spiderman mask in your pocket (and really, who doesn’t?), and two guys rush into the store you’re in with shotguns, do you instantly put on the mask and start wailing on then? I pointed out that since this is Texas, and we’re all armed, the issue was probably less pressing here than in Maine.

Chris Roberson, Joe Hill and John Picacio doing some serious comic geeking.

Three women, six different hair colors.

Jessica Reisman.

Sanford Allen, showing Scott Cupp the ticket that doesn’t let him into Willie Wonka’s factory, but does let him on Captain Morgan’s ship.

Scott Cupp, and people I don’t know who seemed to be discussing adultery among TSR employees.

F. Paul Wilson in the center.

John Skipp, just before he went trekking off to a lost city in the jungles of Peru.

The art show reception. Even though this is Austin, in real life the room was not that shade of burnt orange.

ApolloCon 2010 Pictures

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Some pictures from the 2010 ApolloCon in Houston, just concluded today:

The lovely and talented Stina Leicht, celebrating her forthcoming novel by going blue in both ocular and follicular realms.

Gabrielle Faust, putting on her best “Who, me?” expression.

The dealer’s room. Neither Willie nor myself dealt there this year, meaning Edge Books was the only real bookdealer there this year.

SF Signal’s John DeNardo. I think the smug was entirely unintentional.

Scott Cupp, no doubt contemplating some book he’s owned, or will soon own, both of which are extremely target-rich environments.

GOH Catherine Asaro. This photo doesn’t show her high-heels. Without them, she’s actually only 3’6″.

Karen Burnham, searching her tattoos for the identity of the killer she’s hunting.

A fairly interesting tabletop boardgame featuring smooth pucks that you flicked to knock out your opponent’s pucks, sort of a cross between marbles and shuffleboard, except there are some screws around the circle in the center that you can bounce the pucks off of and which provide something of an obstacle. The name was “crocsomething,” but not crocodile. Please note that searching for “game” and “screw” is probably not something you should do at work.

Updated to add: The game is called “crokinole”.

Clockwise from lower left: Judy Crider, Lou Antonelli, Bill Crider, Scott Cupp. I think we were talking about bad movies yet again.

A pair of con-goers decked out to the nines in Steampunk attire. This takes an extraordinary amount of dedication. In Texas. In summer. Wait, did I say “dedication”? I meant “complete insanity.”

The Shrine O Dolls found at the “in-room convention party.” Sadly, there were no book dealers there either…

Neal Barrett Jr.’s Author Emeritus Party

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Since Austin’s own Neal Barrett, Jr. was named SFWA Author Emeritus for the 2009 Nebula Awards, FACT threw a party at Casa Siros to celebrate the occasion, with luminaries coming from as far away as Nacogdoches (Joe R. his ownself) to pay homage.

Susan Wade, William Browning Spencer (occluded), Neal Barrett, Jr. (holding up the art SFWA had commissioned, featuring himself and three of his characters), Don Webb

Susan Wade, William Browning Spencer, Neal Barrett, Jr., Don Webb

Susan Wade, William Browning Spencer, Neal Barrett, Jr., Don Webb

Neal Barrett, Jr. holding up the SFWA Author Emeritus, which is a kaleidoscope. (“Kaleidoscope” is also the name of an awesome Ray Bradbury story from The Illustrated Man.)

The back of Joe R. Lansdale’s head, Ruth Barrett, someone whose name I should remember, and Scott Cupp

A closer (albeit oblique) view of said painting; I took a straight-on picture, but the flash reflection on the glass made it impossible to see.

Neal iz 2 kewl 4 this skewl!

More of the same. Less of the sane.

Just a few of Casa Siros’ vast array of Glowing Gizmos.

Three excellent authors who have had their books published by St. Martin’s. Also, three authors who are not on The New York Times Bestsellers List. These two facts may be related.

Neal cuts the cake, while Carol is just slightly too slow to avoid being incriminated with the rest of us.

Joe R. Lansdale, William Browning Spencer, Don Webb, and Neal Barrett, Jr. Susan Wade would be in this picture, had she not been eaten by a Grue.

FACT party attendees. Just after this picture, one of their number was ritually chosen by lot to be stoned to death.

Joe R. Lansdale and William Browning Spencer, in the last known photo of them before being horribly devoured by Pixar characters.

“Walk towards the light….walk towards the light…”