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Colin Furze Built a Thermite Launcher

Monday, April 4th, 2016

Well of course he did.

Here he is showing off the thermite launcher:

Here he is making the thermite:

And here he is building the the launcher:

Just think, if YouTube didn’t exist, Colin Furze would probably be off somewhere designing industrial flanges rather than enthusiastically garage-engineering amazingly cool and exceptionally dangerous devices for our amusement and edification.

I’m not going to post a “Do not attempt this at home” warning, because every Colin Furze video comes with an implicit “do not attempt this at home.” It’s also possible that Furze’s thermite thrower may qualify as a destructive device under BATF laws, depending on whether it would fall under the pyrotechnic exemption.

But if you do build a thermite launcher, at least wear eye and hand protection…

Happy New Year!

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Last night I attended two New Year’s Eve parties, then went home to shoot off loads of fireworks (I live in unincorporated Williamson County) with Dwight, A.T, and Carol, a task made more difficult by the the high winds. (It’s been a very wet December, so there was no chance of starting wildfires.)

Quote of the evening: “How far away should we be from the thermite?”

(Yes, Dwight brought thermite. We were very careful to use a proper containment system.)

The great thing about having New Year’s Eve on Thursday is that you can stay up until 2 AM going to parties and firing off fireworks, sleep until noon, wake up, ask yourself “How much of the weekend do I have left?” and the answer is “All of it, and then some!”