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Library Addition: Signed Ray Bradbury Cassette

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Picked up one more thing from the Fred Duarte estate that I didn’t see during my previous purchase:

Bradbury, Ray. Green Shadows, White Whale. Random House Audio, 1992. Audio cassette (probably the “first edition,” as I suspect there was only one) in a Very Good- packaging with 1″ of the inner cardboard cassette sleeve missing at bottom. Signed by Bradbury across the rear of the package. Two cassettes adding up to three hours of audio (presumably abridged) of Bradbury reading from his own novel. (I also have a first edition of the novel signed by Bradbury.) Bought from the Duarte estate sale at Armadillocon for $5.



“Shambleau” Read By C. L. Moore

Saturday, October 24th, 2015

Was checking out something about C. L. Moore while preparing the latest Lame Excuse Books catalog (which should go out via email early next week) when I stumbled across a recording of Moore reading her own story “Shambleau”:

And if you haven’t read any C. L. Moore, she’s well worth checking out…

Library Addition: Signed Harlan Ellison Cassette Tape Pack

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Sometimes you stumble across something not really on your collecting radar, but if it’s cheap enough, you go “What the hell?”

Ellison, Harlan. A Boy & His Dog & “Repent, Harlequin” said the Ticktockman. Warner Audio Publishing, no date (but 1985). Presumed first edition, a pair of cassette tapes of Ellison reading his two stories, a Fine- copy with small cracks to the clear cassette tape case plastic, in blister pack. Signed by Ellison on the back of the front cover insert. Bought for $2 off eBay.

Ellison Cassette Front



(Not having a cassette tape player it wouldn’t be a pain to hook up, I’m just assuming it still has Ellison’s stories on it, and it hasn’t been taped over with a copy of, say, Frampton Comes Alive…)