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Interview With Howard Waldrop in the Austin Chronicle

Friday, October 6th, 2017

Yeah, you should probably read it.

Photos From the 2014 Armadillocon

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

We interrupt this cavalcade of books, Slowdive covers and tanks to offer up some pics from the 2014 Armadillocon, which occurred a little more than a week before I flew off to London.

Howard Waldrop. Actually a pretty good picture of him.

Claude Lalumiere

The elusive Robert Taylor. Like most pictures of him taken in the wild, it’s a bit blurry…

Ian McDonald. I would say he’s signing one of the way too many of my own books I had him sign, but since I own the Simon & Schuster UK (true first) edition of River of Gods, not the Pyr first American edition, obviously it’s someone else’s book…

Arch-villain Denman Glober caught outside her secret underground lair.

Ted Chiang.

One of these men had a role in Once Upon A Time in China VI.

Martha Wells.

Mark Finn, describing his wrestling match with the gorilla.

Patrice Sarath.

Ian McDonald and Ted Chiang at the bar.

Library Additions: Chacal #1 Signed by Tom Reamy

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

I just got a big box of books from a dealer holding a 70% off sale, which I’ll probably be cataloging for the next week or so. This is the item that made me start piling things in the virtual basket for immediate purchase:

Chacal No. 1. First edition magazine original, a Fine- copy with slight bumping to top of spine. Signed by contributors Tom Reamy, Howard Waldrop, Richard Corben, Tim Kirk, and publisher Arnie Fenner.


Reamy Sig

Tom Reamy was widely acclaimed as the very best SF writer in Texas, winning a John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer as well as a Nebula Award for “San Diego Lightfoot Sue.” Reamy died of a heart attack on November 4, 1977 at the horrifically young age of 42. Reamy had no books of his own published during his lifetime, and things signed by him are genuinely rare and seldom come on the market.

Chacal was Arnie Fenner’s first magazine, a big color glossy magazine featuring first-rate fantasy fiction and art. (After two issues this would be followed up by Shayol, which had more of a science fiction focus, co-edited with Fenner’s then-wife Pat Cadigan.)

Howard believes that this was almost certainly signed at the 1976 Worldcon in Kansas City, which is the only time he recalled all of them being together at the same place and time after it was published.

Price paid: $29.99.

Photos from the 2013 San Antonio Worldcon

Monday, December 9th, 2013

I knew that dealing books at Worldcon would eat up a lot of time, but I had no idea just how much time it would take me to not only get all the books back on the shelf, but to catch up on everything I set aside while getting ready for, then recovering from, Worldcon.

Which explains why I’m just now putting up the pictures I took there. Here are the handful of pictures I took at Worldcon that came out decent.

Clotheshorse that she is, the lovely and talented Gail Carriger kicks off our review with the first of three outfits I managed to photograph.


A second.


And a third.

And here’s the same outfit she insisted I snap with her own camera. “You’ve got to include the shoes!”


Stina Leicht, sitting next to me at the Rayguns Over Texas event at the San Antonio Library.


Scott Cupp and Josh Rountree at the same event. The other photos I took there came out crappy.


Bookseller and con chair Mike Walsh.


Lou Antonelli channels Flavor-Flav.


Howard Waldrop and Eileen Gunn, just before Howard went three rounds with a concrete step.


And here’s Howard just after that bout.


Andrew Porter, now free of the terrible burden of publishing a semi-prozine.


Pat Murphy, back again.


Ex-NASA employee Al Jackson.


Ex-Austinite Maureen McHugh.


Kim Stanley Robinson, back from whatever frozen locale he’s visiting this time. Possibly Iapetus.


Gardner Dozois at full rant.


Gardner Dozois at full rest. The two modes are deceptively similar.


In 2012, Pat Cadigan asked me to take down one of her pictures. So this year I made sure that this picture with Robert Silverberg was 100% flattering.


I think this is a very good picture of Dwight Brown.


Rich Simental, who spent much of the con in his room working on a completely different con.


Ben Yalow. Or possibly one of those hundreds of Ben Yalow impersonators you hear so much about.


Max Merriwell, in a very clever diusguise.

David Kyle

David Kyle, who I think has passed the late Forrest J. Ackerman for Most Worldcons Attended.

I’m sorry that I didn’t get pictures of Alastair Reynolds, David Brin, Jack McDevitt, Joe and Joy Haldeman, and Lois McMaster Bujold (among others I missed), who were all kind enough to come by the Lame Excuse Books booth.

Howard Waldrop and I Review The Hobbit

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Over at Locus Online.

I liked it more than Howard did.

Howard Waldrop and I Review Prometheus

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Over at Locus Online. It wasn’t as good as we hoped it would be.

Howard Waldrop and I Review The Avengers

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

In a new land speed record, Mark Kelly had our review up at Locus Online about thirty minutes after I mailed it to him.

And anything that pushes The Hasslehoff Recursion further down the page is a blessing for the sanity of others…

Howard Waldrop and I Review John Carter

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Over at Locus Online. I liked it more than Howard did…

Movies Howard and I Will Review: Iron Sky

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Assuming it comes to Austin sometime in 2012 (answer cloudy; ask again later), Howard Waldrop and I will be reviewing Iron Sky, AKA Attack of the Space Nazis. Here we have not one, not two, but three teaser trailers, arranged from oldest to newest.

I’m hoping Iron Sky (which seems to have been made with a great deal of crowd-source funding) will be good, silly fun, as well as an amusing poke at the whole Nazi saucer mythos.

Films Howard and I Will Review: The Avengers

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Continuing this series of trailers on movies Howard Waldrop and I will be reviewing is The Avengers, which comes out May 4th. We liked the Iron Man movies, but weren’t particularly wild about Thor.