Library Addition: David Russell’s Portfolio For Jack Vance’s Tschai

June 19th, 2019

More crazy Jack Vance collecting:

David Russell (Jack Vance). Tschai: An illustrated Portfolio. First edition portfolio, #18 of 100 numbered copies signed by both artist Russell and Jack Vance, a Fine copy. Four black and white art prints. Bought off eBay for $35 plus shipping.

The shadow effects on the image are a photo artifact, and the fact that it’s a pain to take it out of the plastic jacket the previous owner customer constructed for it.

Library Additions: Half Price Books Finds

June 18th, 2019

No particular theme, just various books I picked up at Half Price Books over the last few months that I didn’t feel like breaking out into separate posts.

  • Lake, Jay. Death of a Starship. Monkeybrain Books, 2009. First edition trade paperback original, a Fine copy, new and unread. Bought for $4.99.
  • Lee, Tanith. Dancing Through the Fire. Fantastic Books, 2015. First edition (stated, though it looks like a POD book) hardback, an Ex-Library copy with most of the usual flaws (stickers, stamps, dust jacket taped to boards, etc., but otherwise apparently new and unread. Don’t usually pick up such current books as Ex-Lib copies, but I’d never seen a copy of this before, there are no other firsts listed online, and this was very cheap (I think $3).
  • Martin, George R. R., editor. Wild Cards: Black Trump. Baen, 1995. First edition paperback original, a Fine- copy with trace of edgewear and spine just slightly concave. All the Baen Wild Cards volumes are hard to find these days. Bought for $2.69.
  • Matheson, Richard. The Memoirs of Wild Bill Hickok. Jove, 1996. First edition paperback original, a Near Fine copy with previous owner’s small (Mylar?) ownership label and “January 1996” on the second blurb page, plus slight edgewear. Western novel. Replaces a reprint copy. Bought for $2.48.
  • Niven, Larry. Neutron Star. Ballantine Books, 1968. First edition paperback original, a Very Good copy with spine creasing and slight lean, edgewear, and slight black marker staining over prices on front cover and spine (most, but not all, came off with Bestine, leaving a tiny bit of shadowing around the price. Currey, page 386. Bought for $1.99.
  • Reynolds, Alastair. On the Steel Breeze. Gollancz, 2013. First edition hardback, a Fine copy in a Fine- dust jacket with a tiny bit of wear at points. Actually, this is a Reynolds that I missed when it first came out and had difficulty locating an affordable copy of, so I was quite surprised to be able to pick this up in just shy of perfect shape for a mere $5.99.
  • Silverberg, Robert. In The Beginning: Tales From The Pulp Era. Subterranean Press, 2006. First edition hardback, probably an Ex-Library copy: the dust jacket flaps have been glued to the inside covers, something has been crossed out at the top of the front free endpaper, and just below that is what appear to be very faint traces of pocket removal, very easy to miss against the thick patterned endpapers used, maybe a Near Fine/Near Fine Ex-Lib copy, #173 of 1,000 signed numbered copies. Again, normally I wouldn’t bother with an Ex-Lib for so recent a book, but I missed this when it first came out and all the copies online list for more than $100. Bought for $17.99.
  • Library Additions: Seven Signed PBOs (Allston, Harrison, Hawke, Powers)

    June 15th, 2019

    Five of these came from a friend who was culling his library of books signed to his late wife for $1-2 each, while two were Half Price Books buys. All but one of these are PBO firsts of one stripe or another:

  • Allston, Aaron. Galatea in 2-D Baen, 1993. First edition paperback original, a Fine- copy with slight wear at points, inscribed by the author: “To Scott,/Many thanks!/Aaron Allston/ 11/5/93.” Replaces an unsigned copy. Bought from Half Price Books for $2.24.
  • Harrison, Harry. The Stainless Steel Rat for President. Bantam Books, 1982. First mass market edition and first paperback edition (preceded by the SFBC edition, for which I also have a signed copy), a Near Fine copy with a bit of edgewear, most notable at head join, where there is also a very short (1/4″) crease. Signed by Harrison. The fifth Stainless Steel Rat book (at least by publishing order).

  • Hawke, Simon. Timewars 1: The Ivanhoe Gambit. Ace, 1986. Paperback reprint, a Fine- copy with a tiny bit of edgewear. Inscribed by Hawke. “To Lori,/Best/Simon Hawke.”
  • Hawke, Simon (as Nicholas Yermakov). Jehad. Signet, 1984. First edition paperback original, a Very Good copy with spine creasing, edgewear, slight darkening to outer portion of white back cover, and slight foxing to inside covers. Inscribed by Hawke: “To Lori,/Best/(signature).” I think it may be signed as Yermakov; if so, it’s very similar in style to his Hawke signature. Hawke used to write under his birth name of Nicholas Yermakov, but legally changed his name to Simon Hawke in 1984. Third book in the Boomarang trilogy, about an alien race that possesses a form of linear immortality and human missions to the planet to “capture” it, and one with a number of notable cyberpunk elements.

  • Hawke, Simon. The Wizard of Camelot. Warner Books, 1995. First edition paperback original, a Fine copy. Inscribed by Hawke. “To Lori,/Best/Simon Hawke.”
  • Hawke, Simon. The Wizard of Santa Fe. Warner Books, 1991. First edition paperback original, a Fine- copy with an invisible spine crease. Inscribed by Hawke. “To Lori,/Best/Simon Hawke.”
  • Powers, Tim. The Drawing of the Dark. Del Rey, 1979. First edition paperback original, a Near Fine- copy with bookstore stamp on blurb page, wear along spine edges, and an invisible crease. Inscribed by Powers: “for/Richard—/Hoping you like/dark beer./Cheers,/Tim Powers/ 10/8/87.” Berlyne, A3a/1. Supplements the Hypatia hardback. For some reason I never picked this up when I was picking up all the other Powers PBOs. Bought from Half Price Books for $3.
  • I enjoyed the Nicholas Yermakov books I read, but never picked up any of his series work once he changed his name for Simon Hawke, so why not pick up some signed PBOs cheap?

    Library Addition: Thomas Ligotti’s A Little White Book of Screams and Whispers

    June 12th, 2019

    Bought this from the publisher at the usual discount:

    Ligotti, Thomas. A Little White Book of Screams and Whispers. Borderlands Press, 2019. First edition hardback, a #501 of 600 signed, numbered copies, a Fine copy, sans dust jacket, as issued. A “compilation of Interviews with Ligotti that have never been collected or reprinted.” Out of print before publication.

    The shadow on the spine is a scanner artifact.

    Library Addition: Manly Wade Wellman’s Clash on the Catawba

    June 11th, 2019

    Picked up the third book in Manly Wade Wellman’s Revolutionary War YA series:

    Wellman, Manly Wade. Clash on the Catawba. Ives Washburn, 1962. First edition hardback (no statement of printing, as per Currey), a Fine- copy, with a little bend at head and heel, in a Near Fine dust jacket with extremely shallow loss at head and heel and wear at points, plus bottom front flap corner (non-priced corner) clipped, which I’ve seen on several other Washburn titles, otherwise bright and unfaded. Third in a four-volume Revolutionary War YA series, preceded by Rifles at Ramsour’s Mill and Battle for King’s Mountain, and followed by The South Fork Rangers, all of which I have. Currey, page 512. Bought off the Internet for $20 plus shipping.

    Library Addition: Association Copy of Avram Davidson’s Redward Edward Papers Inscribed to Randall Garrett

    May 28th, 2019

    This is something I located at a Half Price Books here in Austin:

    Davidson, Avram. The Redward Edward Papers. Doubleday, 1978. First edition hardback, a Fine- copy with slight bend at head and heel in a Near Fine dust jacket with very faint spotting, fading the red lettering on spine, slight age darkening to the white cover, and a few tiny specks of dust soiling. Inscribed to fellow science fiction and fantasy writer Randall Garrett on the front free endpaper: “June 25/78 Pacific Grove/Califo./For an old, good and helpful/friend,/Randall Garrett/with the Compliments/of the Author,/Avram Davidson.” Additionally signed by Davidson on the title page. Bought from Half Price Books for $45.

    Garrett was author of the popular Lord Darcy series of fantasy detective novels, basically Sherlock Holmes with magic. He spent the last years of his life in Austin in what we would now call a “memory care facility” after a bout of viral meningitis.

    Library Addition: Signed First of Gene Wolfe’s Innocents Aboard

    May 23rd, 2019

    Checking eBay after Gene Wolfe died, I came across a listing for a signed copy of Innocents Aboard, and wondered to myself “Is my copy signed?”

    That’s when I found out that, much to my chagrin, I did not own a copy of Innocents Aboard at all.

    Hence this:

    Wolfe, Gene. Innocents Abroad. Tor, 2004. First edition hardback, a Fine copy in a Fine dust jacket, signed by Wolfe. Bought off eBay for $14.99 plus shipping.

    Library Addition: Signed First of Gahan Wilson’s Everybody’s Favorite Duck

    May 21st, 2019

    Another signed first, this by an author more famous as an illustrator:

    Wilson, Gahan. Everybody’s Favorite Duck. Mysterious Press, 1988. First edition hardback, a Fine copy in a Fine dust jacket. Inscribed by Wilson: “To/David-/Gahan/Wilson/and/the/duck” with an arrow pointing to a drawing of a duck. Looks like a literary mystery/adventure pastiche of multiple authors, much in the manner of Roger Zelazny’s A Night in the Lonesome October (or vice versa, as this precedes the Zelazny by five years), which, interestingly enough, was also illustrated by Gahan Wilson. Bought off the Internet for $17.

    This is the second book I own remarqued by Wilson, the first being the lettered state of the Subterranean Press edition of Neil Gaiman’s M is for Magic, which has a drawing of a bat.

    Sadly, Wilson is evidently suffering from dementia and not publishing cartoons anymore.

    Library Addition: Inscribed First of George Locke’s Voyages in Space

    May 19th, 2019

    Science fiction bibliographer, bookseller and publisher George Locke died earlier this year. I knew George a bit (as pretty much every bookseller in the field must have), and we had lunch together on my 2005 trip to the UK. George was universally acclaimed as one of the most knowledgeable booksellers and bibliographers the field has ever known, and I already owned a fair number of his books, almost all published by his own Ferret Fantasy imprint, most inscribed to me, including the three volume Spectrum of Fantasy series and the two volume By the World Forget/By The Book World Remembered pairing about Stuart Teitler and Lost Race novels.

    Now I’ve picked up another:

    Locke, George. Voyages in Space. Ferret Fantasy, 2015. First edition trade paperback original (simultaneous with a very small hardback run of only 28 copies), one of 500 copies, a Near Fine copy with slight wear along spine and what appears to be a spot of dampstaining at heel. Inscribed to Australian-born, Paris-resident science fiction, film and travel writer (and fellow book collector) John Baxter: “For John Baxter/With all good wishes and the/hope that you’ll run into one of the Olde/Aussie Interplanetaries when you next meet/the banana-benders!/George Locke”. (I also own Baxter’s The Inner Man: the life of J. G. Ballard.) Subtitled “A Bibliography of Interplanetary Fiction, 1801-1914.” Tymn Schlobin Currey, A Research Guide to Science Fiction Studies, 47. Barron, Anatomy of Wonder 4 7-7 (though only in passing, since the main entry is for Currey). Reginald, Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature 1975—1991, 28470. Bought from a UK bookdealer for £40 plus shipping.

    RIP, George.


    Library Addition: Lewis Shiner’s Outside the Gates of Eden

    May 16th, 2019

    This finally came in:

    Shiner, Lewis. Outside the Gates of Eden. Subterranean, 2019. First edition hardback, #327 of 1,000 signed, numbered hardback copies, a Fine copy in a Fine dust jacket, new and unread. Sweeping novel of rock music and the 1960s. Lew’s been working on this one a long time. To quote the publisher: “I consider Lewis Shiner’s Outside the Gates of Eden to be the best original novel SubPress will have published in our nearly twenty-five years of existence. At 880 pages, it’s also the longest. This is a book too important to miss.”

    I will have a few copies of this available in the next Lame Excuse Books catalog, currently in progress (drop me a line if you want to be added to the mailing list).