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Shoegazer Sunday: Living Hour’s “Steady Glazed Eyes”

Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Living Hour describe themselves as “a psychedelic dreampop band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.” A Twitter user who recommended them described them as very Mazzy Star like, and they both share a certain breathy female twangyness.

Behold the Wonder That is Banglar King Kong!

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Did you ever say to yourself “You know what King Kong needs? Worse special effects, slapstick humor, stock footage, and singing!”

Then Banglar King Kong is for you!

High points:

  • A Kong whose fingers seem incapable of flexing.
  • Soldiers that don’t know how to hold rifles facing off against savage tribesmen who don’t know how to hold spears.
  • Kong tearing apart a city that’s obviously made of cardboard boxes.
  • A Bangladeshi Fay Wray who Kong must have kept extremely well-fed during her captivity.
  • Digital fire that has to be seen to not be believed.
  • In short, it makes every previous version of King Kong (including the Dino De Laurentiis version) look great by comparison…

    Shoegazer Sunday: Life Model’s “Enough (To Know)”

    Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

    Life Model hails from Glasgow, and “Enough (To Know)” hails from their debut EP.

    “They’re Depleting Our Strategic Velour Supply!”

    Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

    People impose their own sense of style (or lack thereof) on their homes. Sometimes the results are awesome.

    And sometimes they’re not. The theme of this house is “Velour.”

    Lots and lots and lots of velour.

    In some ways you have to admire the singular pursuit of their own vision. “Screw your definition of good taste! I like velour and my house is is going to have enough of it to crush an elephant!”

    (Hat tip: I think I originally saw this house on the now-deleted Lovely Listing site, from which I’ve shamelessly stolen the blog post title.)

    Library Addition: The Hardback Edition of James P. Blaylock’s Doughnuts

    Monday, March 16th, 2015

    I picked up the later Subterranean chapbook of this, but I missed picking up the original hardback until now:

    Blaylock, James p. Doughnuts. Airtight Seels Allied Productions (A.S.A.P.), 1994. First edition hardback, number 11 of 224 signed, numbered hardback copies, a Fine copy (save some waviness to the pages, which I take as a byproduct of the binding process), sans dust jacket with color illustration pasted onto the front board, as issued. In addition to the short story, this volume includes an Introduction by Lewis Shiner, an Appreciation by Lucius Shepard, an Afterward by Tim Powers, illustrations by Phil Parks, and tipped-in color photographs by Vicki Blaylock (and is signed by all of them). An elaborate production, much like all of A.S.A.P.’s hardback chapbooks. Chalker & Owings, Science Fantasy Publishers (2002), 1011. (Also Supplement Two, page 57.) Bought for $60 from a dealer off the Internet.


    Shoegazer Sunday: The History Of Colour TV’s “I Keep Seeing People I Think I Know”

    Sunday, March 15th, 2015

    The History of Colour TV are based in Berlin and another St. Marie Records band.

    You may be cool…

    Friday, March 13th, 2015

    …but you’ll never be “Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark delivering a bionic arm to a seven year old boy” cool…

    Sold My Story “Saul’s Diary” to Galaxy’s Edge

    Thursday, March 12th, 2015

    I just sold my most recent story, “Saul’s Diary,” to Mike Resnick for Galaxy’s Edge.

    This is the second story I’ve sold to Mike, following “Huddled Masses” to the Alternate Presidents anthology way back in the dim mists of the 1990s.

    Shoegazer Sunday: Presents for Sally’s “A Touch of Joy, a Touch of Sadness”

    Sunday, March 8th, 2015

    Presants for Sally is UK band and another part of the St. Marie Records stable. Here they are with “A Touch of Joy, a Touch of Sadness.”

    The End of the Llamas With Hats Saga

    Thursday, March 5th, 2015

    I’ve mentioned Llamas with Hats before. While I wasn’t looking, the people at Filmcow went out and completed the saga.

    The verdict? Eh. The combination of humor and disturbing off-screen violence of the first few hit the spot, but they gradually cranked up the disturbing while sidelining the humor.

    Not the choice I would have made.

    Here are all twelve for your viewing pleasure.

    Three is still the funniest.

    Also enjoy these complimentary memes with your flight: