Random Creepy Image For Halloween

October 6th, 2015

No doubt the first in a series…


Live Lost Genesis Song “The Light”

October 5th, 2015

There was a time many years ago when I fanatically collected Genesis bootlegs, but this early gem never showed up on any of them. “The Light” was reportedly a staple of the band’s live shows circa 1970-1971, but they evidently never recorded a studio version of it. Small parts of the music were later incorporated into “Lilywhite Lilith” and “The Colony of Slippermen” from The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.

This 1971 recording from La Ferme in Woluwe-St Lambert, Belgium, is the only known recording of the song anywhere, ever….

Shoegazer Sunday: Winter’s “Crazy”

October 4th, 2015

Winter’s “Crazy” (off their Supreme Blue Dream album) is sort of Shoegaze crossed with catchy bubblegum pop, and a vaguely disturbing video perfect for the Halloween season…

Living Door-Knocker Prank

October 1st, 2015

It’s an ad, but it’s pretty amusing, and a nice way to kick off Halloween season:

“Remove yourself from my veranda!”

Big Legal Tussle Over…Manos: The Hands of Fate???

September 30th, 2015

It’s one thing for there to be a legal battle over the rights for a good movie, but it’s quite another when the battle is over Manos: The Hands of Fate, one of the worst films of all time. (Note: That article is up on Playboy.com, so it might be blocked at your place of work.)

In 2011, a collector of film prints uncovered the original negative of Manos and embarked on an inexplicable project to restore the film with all the white-glove attention archivists give to Hollywood classics. His efforts would incur the wrath of a mysterious man with a fake New Zealand accent named Rupert, as well as Joe Warren, Hal Warren’s embittered son, who intends to preserve the Manos legacy at all costs.

Hal Warren’s son comes off as more than a bit of a jerk. “I’m the director’s son! I’m entitled to a cut even if the work is out of copyright!”

Fortunately for “fans” of the films, the restored Blu-Ray of Manos: The Hands of Fate is finally coming out October 13. More information on the restoration can be found here.

And as long as I’m slinging random sports news…

September 29th, 2015

Two random updates:

  • Texans kicker Randy Bullock has been released after missing two extra points and a 43 yard field goal against Tampa Bay. The Texans are signing veteran Nick Novak to take his place.
  • NBA guard Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls has managed to break the bone around his eye. Given his previous long history of injuries, maybe Rose should consult with specialists to see if his home is built over an old Indian burial ground…
  • SMU Banned For Rules Violations

    September 29th, 2015

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Though it’s basketball rather than football, and it’s just a post-season ban rather than the “death penalty.” Also seems to be academic cheating rather than handing players envelopes full of cash.

    And SMU coach Larry Brown is suspended for nine games. Honestly, I had no idea Brown was actually coaching SMU these days, which has to be a big letdown for a man that’s won an NBA Championship. He has the reputation as one of the bast basketball teachers in the world, but just can’t manage to get along with people.

    A Chance to Own a Stephen Hawking Signature

    September 29th, 2015

    Right now a book signed by Stephen Hawking be yours for only a bit over 20 grand, but expect that to go up.


    And it’s not even one of Hawking’s own books, but a farewell gift for a co-worker who was leaving the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy at Cambridge University signed by the faculty, including Hawking.

    “Hawking autographs are of the utmost rarity.” Indeed, though it’s already too rich for my blood, and I suspect it could easily go for 3-4 times the current price…

    Shoegazer Sunday: Slowdive’s “I Believe”

    September 27th, 2015

    Yep, another Slowdive rarity…

    Library Additions: Two Horror First Editions

    September 24th, 2015

    The only thing tying these two books together is that they’re both horror and I bought both from Lloyd Currey at 50% off:

  • Baker, Denys Val. The Face in the Mirror. Arkham House, 1971. First edition hardback, a Fine copy in a Fine- dust jacket with just a trace of wear at bottom edge (probably do to an old fold-around dj protector that doesn’t encase the edges). Joshi, 60 Years of Arkham House, 112. Jaffery, Horrors and Unpleasantries, 118. Nielsen, Arkham House Books: A Collector’s Guide, 118. Chalker & Owings (1991), page 39. Not in Bleiler’s Guide to Supernatural Fiction (an odd omission). Bought for $12.50
  • Wagner, Karl Edward. Why Not You and I? Dark Harvest, 1987. First edition hardback, #252 of 300 copies signed by Wagner. a Fine copy in a Near Fine dust jacket with waviness to dust jacket rear, in a Near Fine paper slipcase. I also have a copy of the trade edition inscribed to me by Wagner at the 1988 Worldcon in New Orleans. Bought for $32.50.