Colin Furze is Completely Insane. I Really Respect That.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Colin Furze! He’s sort of like the Mythbusters or Junkyard Wars if they did things that were dangerously stupid.

10-horsepower motorized baby carriage? Check.

Jet-powered bicycle? Check.

Kids! Don’t try this at home! Or, really, anyplace else. Ever. (Unless you work for Survival Research Labs. Then go for it!)

Music by UK punk band March to the Grave, which probably understates the dizzying speed at which Furze will reach that goal.

Here he is riding a home-built, classic Wall of Death in a scooter:

And here he is bailing off the Wall of Death.

Furze has his own YouTube channel and website. He also has an infectious enthusiasm, probably engendered by repeated head trauma.

Godspeed you, Colin Furze! I look forward to seeing many more videos from you until your inevitable grisly demise!

(Hat tip: Weird Universe, where Paul Di Filippo is among those hanging out.)

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  1. N says:

    Colin Furze builds Apocalypse Underground Bunker in his back gardern. Watch!

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