Reader Requested Book Scan: Joe R. Lansdale’s Molly’s Sexual Follies

Over on my post about the first hardback edition of Texas Night Riders, reader Jason Bovberg asked for a scan of Joe’s rarest book, the pseudonymous porn novel Molly’s Sexual Follies, since he had never seen one before. I checked online, and indeed there seem to be no scans of this book’s cover, so here’s a scan of my copy.

Lansdale, Joe R. with Brad Foster (as Mark Simmons). Molly’s Sexual Follies. Beeline Books, 1982. First edition paperback original, a VG- copy with considerable creasing and 1/2″ of separation between front cover and spine at heel.


Molly's Title

Any other rarities from The Person Collection (he said vaingloriously) people want to see?

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2 Responses to “Reader Requested Book Scan: Joe R. Lansdale’s Molly’s Sexual Follies”

  1. Jason Bovberg says:

    Hey thanks! And all these years, I’d become convinced it was just an urban legend. 🙂

  2. Darren Heil says:

    I, too, began to doubt its existence until I bought 2 off eBay about 3 years ago. Neither seller knew what they had & listed them in lots without listing any titles or bylines (you had to scope out the pics). First one, someone bid it up & I got it for $130. I was sure I was gonna win it, as I put in a bid of $2k (just to make sure!). 2nd time, I got it for $30, turned around & sold it for $900.

    BTW, if you don’t already know – funny coincidence – one of the other books you list in another post, purchased with your copy of MOLLY – Every Man for Jann, by “Brandon Cross” – this one is also by Brad Foster.


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