Photos From the 2014 Armadillocon

We interrupt this cavalcade of books, Slowdive covers and tanks to offer up some pics from the 2014 Armadillocon, which occurred a little more than a week before I flew off to London.

Howard Waldrop. Actually a pretty good picture of him.

Claude Lalumiere

The elusive Robert Taylor. Like most pictures of him taken in the wild, it’s a bit blurry…

Ian McDonald. I would say he’s signing one of the way too many of my own books I had him sign, but since I own the Simon & Schuster UK (true first) edition of River of Gods, not the Pyr first American edition, obviously it’s someone else’s book…

Arch-villain Denman Glober caught outside her secret underground lair.

Ted Chiang.

One of these men had a role in Once Upon A Time in China VI.

Martha Wells.

Mark Finn, describing his wrestling match with the gorilla.

Patrice Sarath.

Ian McDonald and Ted Chiang at the bar.

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