Ed Bryant, RIP

Howard Waldrop called to inform me that SF writer Ed Bryant has died at age 71. This is a shame but not a surprise, as Ed had been ailing for many years.

Ed was in the category of “friends you only see once or twice a year.” He was a regular Armadillocon attendee in the early days, and I saw him read “A Sad Last Love at the Diner of the Damned” before it appeared in Skipp & Spector’s The Book of the Dead. He was also an astute reviewer in the field for many years.

He will be missed.

I will update this when I have a suitable link to a proper obituary.

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  1. A.A. Kidd says:

    I was quite saddened to learn that Bryant apparently died alone at home; I never met him but I heard nothing but the nicest things about them. Along with Waldrop, he was one of the first SF writers greatly influenced by movies of the Fifties, but my favorite of his stories is the “lab-lit” work Particle Theory.

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