Armadillocon 32 Photos

Here are a few quick-and-dirty photos from Armadillocon 32, all except the first taken Friday.

Michael Bishop, from the Thursday Pre-Con dinner.


Neal Barrett, Jr. in his stylish hat. “I got it from Walgreens. I buy all my clothing there.”

Richard Simental, AKA RoadRich.

Matthew Bey. Photo uncropped to give you some idea of the dealer’s room space. (Will try to get a better picture today.)

Michael Sumbera

Andrew Wimsatt

Stina Leicht, looking at Elizabeth Moon (who only dropped in briefly the first day, due to a busy schedule)

Stina was complaining about me taking pictures of her, so naturally I had to take several more.

Patrice Sarath

The first of three unsuccessful night views of the Renaissance Atrium. I’ll try to get some daylight shots today.

Phil Brogden, Yvonne Daily, and Mike’s torso

Karen and Kasey Lansdale.

Updated: You can find Part 2 here.

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