Screw Macy’s

From Dwight comes news that the Macy’s in Highland Mall is closing. Sad news for anyone losing their job, but I can’t really work up much sympathy on the care-o-meter otherwise.

Which is a real shame, because I used to be a regular shopper at that store…when it was a Foley’s. Foley’s was a Houston-based department store chain that offered decent prices on good products. (I did a short stint as Christmas help at one of their stores long before I had a lawn to chase you punk kids off of.) Macy’s, by contrast, expected you to pay list price in the Internet era for the privilege of shopping at Macy’s. So I stopped going and never looked back.

There’s a lesson for businessmen there: Don’t do away with a cherished local brand for the sake of uniformity. The pennies you save on printing costs are far outweighed by the dollars you lose in ill-will.

Of course my disdain and indifference is nothing compared to the white-hot hatred of people unfortunate enough to work there.

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3 Responses to “Screw Macy’s”

  1. Earl Cooley III says:

    I made the same kind of comment in a focus group when Austin Cablevision asked us to critique their new Eye of Horus Time Warner Cable logo. Austin is special, dammit.

  2. sween says:

    Austin is special. Just like every place else.

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