Off-Brand Mahler

Although I’m not completely ignorant of classical music, the work of Gustav Mahler isn’t something I’ve bumped into terribly much, despite assurances from my hardcore classical music loving friends (which is to say, Mike) that he is Teh Awesome. I’ve always felt a vague urge to correct this oversight, but not enough to actually spend any money doing so. That is, until today.

That’s because Amazon is offering up a Big Box of Mahler today for 99¢. How big? Some 13 hours worth. That’s a lot of Mahler for your buck. Granted, you have to download the icky Amazon downloader, but once you’ve jumped through those hoops, it’s easy to select the files and pull them into iTunes.

I’m sure that this is off-brand Mahler which might be sneered at by some purists. (I doubt the Utah Symphony is at the top of the classical music food chain.) But I’m listening to it now, and so far it doesn’t suck.

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  1. Todd says:

    Mahler’s 2nd, 5th mvt was the music for the Miller-Urey experiment in Cosmos. Always loved that musical choice – a Jewish composer who faked Catholicism and composing about Resurrection playing while Sagan talked about synthesizing amino acids with electricity.

    Mahler wrote movie music before movies. Max Steiner was a student.

    I had Mahler Song of Earth directed by Colonel Klink’s dad but gave it to my nephew. Your Mahler is bigger than mine, but mine is louder – Chicago, Solti, Herseth – ’nuff said.

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