Ruin: A Cool Looking (And Completely Stupid) SF Short Film

So I stumbled across this short, very professional looking CGI animated science fiction film on YouTube:

What a rich, zesty collection of illogical stupidity!

  1. You want to loot possibly valuable artifacts. What’s the best way to do that? Toss containers out of tall buildings!
  2. Why? To open them up? Why not just use the cuts anything electric sword you whip out later in the film?
  3. Why did you park your motorcycle out in the open where you had to run a long distance to it when the scary twin turbo fan hunting craft comes flying in? Shouldn’t you have tried to hide it nearby in the first place?
  4. If that thing just wants to kill you, why doesn’t it fire its machine gun or drones at you when it first sees you, rather than waiting until you get on your motorcycle?
  5. How come those futuristic seeker drones can’t travel any faster than a motorcycle?
  6. Why doesn’t a craft with expensive, ineffective drones not have cheaper, simpler, much faster and more-effective surface-to-ground missiles?
  7. If you’re flying along on your motorcycle at top speed, how come your gimme cap never flies off?
  8. You know that scene when you jump off your motorcycle and jab the craft with your electric sword? Unless you’ve got a cyborg body, you just broke a whole mess of bones. Momentum doesn’t just stop working so you can pull off a deeply improbable, cool-looking stunt.
  9. To quote the South Park episode with Michael Bay: “Those aren’t ideas, those are special effects!” “I can’t tell the difference.” “We know.”

    Hey Wes Ball: Your animation rocks, but you suck as a screenwriter. Maybe in addition to all those animation and sound guys you credit, you might want to hire an actual writer.

    They’re supposedly making this into a feature film. Hopefully they’ll remove some of the stupidity.

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  1. John says:

    I think that device would have been completly broken and inoperable after falling from such a great height. So the entire film makes no sense from the get-go. But since we’re trearing it apart — How about the fact that he enters a tunnel with no electric lights and doesn’t turn on his own headlamp? Impressive animation, but it was utterly inane.

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