Vague Movie Descriptions

There was an amusing Fark thread on people giving vague but accurate (or correct but misleading) movie summaries, and people guessing the movie. I enjoyed it enough that I thought I would offer it up here with my own vague summaries. A good number of these are science fiction, fantasy, or horror.

  • Shepherd engages in unnatural porking.
  • Guy sacrifices livelihood to raise the dead.
  • Someone comes to town. Lots of people leave.
  • Hustler falls for sap.
  • Neglectful parent meets brainless bimbo on roadtrip.
  • Amoral businessman’s life turned upside down by arrival of ex-girlfriend and her current boy-toy.
  • Foul-mouthed racist electrocutes gay man.
  • Famous actor gets strung out after life invaded by amoral threesome.
  • Mother flees to protect son, only to find new, drug-filled neighborhood changing him.
  • Courier for elderly man thwarted by last-minute theft.
  • Crazy rich guy goes completely coconuts.
  • Man’s life work crumbles around him while his wife’s underground party scene blows up in her face.
  • Overweight family man drawn into reckless adventure by hot babe.
  • Redneck leads killing spree.
  • Subjected to relentless abuse, teenager goes on violent, drug-fueled spree.
  • Serial rapist infiltrates hippie commune.
  • Killing spree ended when Clint Eastwood breaks out the big firepower.
  • Post your answers below.

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