Photo Gallery: Writers at the 2014 London Worldcon Part 1

Leigh Kennedy, who I had lunch and dinner with the Monday before the con. We have loads of common friends, but knew them at different times, so there was a lot of trading stories…

In profile.

Cory Doctorow, exhibiting his unique sense of style…

…and with an actual top to his head.

John J. Miller of Wild Cards fame, with Gail Gerstner-Miller.

Kim Newman, in his usual natty, multilayered attire.

Jonathan Strahan and David Hartwell.

Pat Murphy, all scarfed-up.

With scarf and shoes.

Lavie Tidhar, who used to do reviews for me back in the Nova Express days.

Ian Watson and Lavie Tidhar, signing books at the PS Publishing table in the dealer’s room. I asked Watson what the genesis of the Watson-Aldiss feud was. “I’ve gotten to the age when I’m not sure I remember it properly anymore…”

Connie Willis.

Liz Hand.

And looking slightly less crazed.

Ellen Datlow and Liz Hand fan themselves and look down upon the peasantry.

Elle Datlow solo.

Guest of honor John Clute.

Adam Roberts.

Geoff Ryman peers at me suspiciously.

Gary K. Wolfe.

Andy Duncan.

Didn’t get all the names, but this is something like 75% of the Israeli SF publishing industry.

Kim Stanley Robinson.

John Gibbons.

Michael Swanwick, Geoff Ryman, and Ellen Datlow.

Michael Swanwick and Gordon Van Gelder, looking way too befuddled for the first day of the con.

Lisa Tuttle, who I had lunch with, joined by…

…George R. R. Martin.

George R. R. Martin and the Spanish George R. R. Martin.

Michael Swanwick and George R. R. Martin, enjoying fine dining in an atmosphere of unpretentious ambiance.

Parris McBride Martin.

Alastair Reynolds.

Pat Cadigan.

Pat Cadigan in green.

Pat Cadigan with fan-drawn cyberpunk.

Finally, Pat Cadigan with her spiffy Doc Martin boots.

The elusive Richard Calder.

Michael Swanwick showing off his outfit. “This shirt is bespoke! Bespoke, I tell you!”

Finally, Michael Swanwick showing off the t-shirt for MidAmericon II, the 2016 Kansas City Worldcon he’s Guest of Honor at. (Pat Cadigan is Toastmistress.)

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