Library Addition: Asimov’s Little Lost Robot

I’m not an Isaac Asimov completist because I’m not completely insane. But I have been picking up firsts of the science fiction he did before Foundation’s Edge when I can find them at reasonable prices. This one is an odd little item, a scholastic chapbook of one of his robot stories done in “simplified language” for “upper intermediate” students, so not really Asimov when you get right down to it, but it’s not terribly common.

Asimov, Isaac. Little Lost Robot. The Syndics of the Cambridge University Press, 1977. First edition chapbook original thus, a Fine- copy with the barest traces of wear at points. “This edition first published 1977” on copyright page at rear of book, as per Currey (1979), page 18. Bought off Biblio for $42 plus shipping.

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