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Shoegazer Sunday: Echodrone’s Cover of Husker Du’s “Celebrated Summer”

Sunday, January 28th, 2018

I was thinking about putting up something from Echodrone’s new album, but I stumbled across their cover of “Celebrated Summer” by Husker Du (a band never, ever, ever associated with Shoegaze). This is a case where the cover is much better than the original.

Plus old home movies have a certain fascination to them.

Also, bitrot seems to have have removed two of my favorite Echodrone songs from previous Shoegazer Sunday entries, so here are “Under an Impressive Sky”:

And “Gravity”:

The original version used clips from Memoirs of a Giesha, which is probably why it’s not online anymore…

Shoegazer Sunday: Echodrone’s “The Past or the Present”

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Echodrone has a new album out*, Past, Preset and Future, and “The Past or the Present” is a track off that.

*Correction: Evidently it doesn’t drop until January 23.

Shoegazer Sunday: Echodrone’s “Noisebed”

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

Still grooving on Echodrone’s new album Five. My favorite piece from the album is “Noisebed,” which has some absolutely lovely harmonies:

So consistent is their sound that only after repeated listenings to Five did I notice that original lead singer Meredith Gibbons had left and been replaced by Rachel Lopez (who seems to have a bit higher range).

Shoegazer Sunday: Echodrone’s “Glacial Place”

Sunday, April 12th, 2015

Echodrone’s new album Five is now out, which is cause enough for Shoegaze fans to celebrate.

The video below is for the song “Glacial Place”:

The footage in the video is taken from the Philco Ford Corporation’s 1967 industrial futurist film The Home Of The Future: Year 1999 A.D.:

As glimpses of retrofuturism go, it hits a lot closer to the mark than most, offering a central home computer (“which is secretary, librarian, banker, teacher, medical technician, bridge partner and/or all-around servant”), computerized learning, bookeeping, etc., and lots of glowing screens. It even predicts online shopping! As always, the hairstyles immediately tell you the film’s actual era.

Philco actually manufactured the Mission Control monitors NASA used well into the 1990s. Ford sold Philco to GTE, and since then the brand has been broken up and licensed to various companies around the world.

Shoegazer Sunday: Echodrone’s “Time”

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Here’s Echodrone’s cover of The Alan Parsons’ Project’s “Time” from their Mixtape for Duckie covers album. The video has less than a hundred views as I type this, so I’m happy to showcase something that actually qualifies as new! Most cover albums do nothing for me, even by artists I really like (see also: Scratch My Back and Strange Little Girls), but everything I’ve heard from this I liked so much, I just went ahead and bought it

See how long it takes you to figure out what the video is about, something I twigged to very early, and which ties into themes explored in their previous videos.

Shoegazer Sunday: Echodrone’s “Cold Snap”

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Busy week. Here’s more Echodrone, this time with “Cold Snap,” which is pleasantly haunting.

Their Bon Voyage is starting to sound like a good candidate for Shoegazer album of the year. Any others you can suggest?

Shoegazer Sunday: Echodrone’s “Under An Impressive Sky”

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Here’s Echodrone’s “Under an Impressive Sky,” with a video assembled from lots of tasty atomic testing footage (which, if I’m not mistaken, is from the 29 kiloton Apple-2 atomic test performed under Operation Teapot on May 5, 1955 (5/5/55).)

For more Echodrone, see here.

For more information on atomic testing, see Samuel Glasstone’s The Effects of Nuclear Weapons.

Shoegazer Sunday: Echodrone’s Gravity

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Can’t let another Sunday go by without a dose of Shoegazer, so here’s Echodrone’s “Gravity.”

I’m guessing the video is from a movie. Anyone know what it’s from?