Armadillocon 32 Photos (Part 2)

And here are some more photographs I snapped at Armadillocon 32.

“Steampunk Guest of Honor” Michael Bishop upon seeing that I had a box of books for him to sign.

Michael Bishop upon finding out that I had a second box of books for him to sign.

Better pictures of the dealer’s room:

Better pictures of the hotel atrium:

Robert Jackson Bennett, whose first novel, Mr. Shivers, no less an authority than Joe Domenici called “The finest first novel I have read in years.”

Lovely Editor Guest of Honor Anne Sowards reviewing a manuscript at the signing table, presumably a novel about shape-shifting car mechanic who is also a werewolf, or perhaps a shape-shifting wolf mechanic who is also a werecar.

Noted lush and former Armadillocon fan GoH Scott Bobo, who once tried to help us pick up teenage girls in Japan.

Kasey and Joe R. Lansdale.

Kasey and Joe R. Lansdale, now with 75% more Fortified Cuteness per serving.

The wily Maureen McHugh, who skillfully avoided lesser hunters by not appearing on programming.

Two Views of Mark Finn from his one-man show, “Colonel Kurtz Goes Bowling.”

Paul Miles

Chris Nakashima-Brown and Paul Miles, poised artfully in front of a display of Michael Bishop’s books.

SF Signal honcho John DeNardo caught during a spare moment of his one-day whirlwind tour.

Lillian Stewart Carl.

Jayme Lynn Blaschke. Disclaimer: I feel it only fair to warn you that the planets depicted on his vest are not, in fact, astronomically accurate.

GoH Rachel Caine.

Don Webb, preparing to lead his troops up the beaches of Normandy. Or perhaps Cancun.

Hugo-winning fan artist Brad Foster IS Beldar Conehead!

Noted lush Mikal Trimm, enraged that I’ve temporarily delayed him from obtaining more beer.

Old Earth Books publisher Michael Walsh. (And if you want to buy signed copies of the Best of Howard Waldrop volumes he published, look here.)

Paul Lynde expert Steve Wilson.

Dwight Brown, contemplating exactly how he will murder executives at AT&T slowly and painfully.

Yvonne Daily and Phil Brogden,

Chuck (not at the con), Michael Sumbera, and Milton (also not at the con)

An attendee’s Steampunk purse, which is just a few dials shy of a certified weather station.

Said purse may or may not have belonged to one of these Steampunk aficionados.

Kim Kofmel and Al Jackson. (I have another picture of the two of them, and Al’s eyes are also closed in that one.)

The lovely Denman Glober, camped out below a giant Space Squid banner. But I do wonder why her parents named her like a James Bond villain. “Denman Glober” sounds like someone who should be running a shadowy international conglomerate from his secret lair underneath the Pacific…

Sarah Felix.

New York Times best-selling author Aaron Allston, struggling mightily to stay awake after having just seen a compilation of the line-dancing scenes from Howling 7.

Program director Jonathan Miles, who put me on not one, but two 10 AM panels after I asked not to be scheduled for any panel before noon. Incidentally, this picture was taken just after Jonathan had finished his busy day of selling crack to school children, but before he went off to kick puppies and burn American flags.

Houston writer John Moore, looking snazzy in the seersucker pants he borrowed from reporter Carl Kolchak.

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  2. The Old Earth Books editions of Howard Waldrop make fine gifts for all occasions. They’ll improve your sex life, give you more miles to the gallon, & enable you to leap tall buildings.

    Or maybe not.

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  4. brainshades says:

    I noticed you mentioned Joe Domenici’s comments about “Mr. Shivers”. Not sure how many folks will be reading the comments section since this photos post is a few days old, but Joe died on Tuesday. He’d been in the hospital the week of ArmadilloCon with pneumonia and only checked out of the hospital to come by and have dinner with a couple of us Saturday night. He was not feeling well and didn’t stay long, and didn’t eat much. We expected him to come by the ‘Con on Sunday, but I think his absence now speaks volumes as to how ill he really was.

    We’re assuming he had a setback with the pneumonia or possibly an underlying condition that was aggravated by the illness, but it would be helpful to know what happened to him in the last few days before he died. The obituary was less than informative and the funeral home said a memorial was possibly being planned for a later date.

    If anyone has any information, I would appreciate it if they could pass it along. Thanks.

    -Arnie Hamilton

  5. Brad Foster says:

    You have insulted all of us from…. France. If I did not fear incarceration from human authority figures, I would terminate your life functions by applying sufficient pressure to your blunt skull so as to force its collapse! Though, with your knowledge of our ways, perhaps when my people come to colonize this planet, you will be on the protected rolls, and no harm will come to you. We shall see…

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  7. […] Restaurant sounds like the sort of place I would like to try, especially since Armadillocon will be in the Renaissance again this year. But only if it, you know, actually […]

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