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R. A. Lafferty Convention Happening Today

Saturday, June 4th, 2016

I’ve been so busy this snuck up on me, but Laffcon, the first R. A. Lafferty convention, is happening today at the Mercer County Library in Lawrenceville, NJ, starting at 10 AM EDT.

Certainly worth attending if you’re a Lafferty fan and in the area, and maybe something to think about planning to attend if they do it again net year.

PAX Coming to San Antonio in January 2015

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

Penny Arcade Expo is coming to San Antonio January 23-25, 2015. No venue was announced, but I can’t imagine they can hold that monster in anything smaller than the convention center, since PAX Prime in Seattle has drawn as many as 70,000 participants.

This is what they call “a big deal.” And unlike Worldcon, expect most of the attendees to be under 30 rather than over 50…

That’s It? That’s Your Guest Lineup?

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

I haven’t gone to Aggiecon for about a quarter century for reasons too detailed and annoying to get into here. But I have watched from a distance as serial administrative blunders have reduced the con to a shadow of its former self.

With that in mind, I thought you might be interested to know that Aggiecon has announced its guest lineup this year.

Both of them.

That’s right, a convention that used to boast such guests as Jack Williamson, Fred Pohl, Harlan Ellison, Roger Zelazny, Greg Bear, Joe R. Lansdale and George R. R. Martin now has a guest list of two: a guy who co-writes a podcast and an anime voice actor. I’ve had better guest lists in my living room. Hell, I’ve had better guest lists in my living room when it was just me and Howard Waldrop.

I think I’ll be missing it again this year…

Updated to add: Someone has alerted me that Aggiecon has announced more guests on their Facebook page. Still no names to conjure with, but at least there are more of them. It also suggests that they’re so organizationally dysfunctional they can’t update their own website less than a month before the con…

2013 Comikaze Cosplay Expo Video

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

Putting this up because I’m sure that John DeNardo will want to know about it for SF Signal, and in no way because it has lots of attractive, scantly clad women in it…

Silly me. I didn’t even know the U.S. had a cosplay expo.

Also: Oh my…

Pictures from the 2012 Chicago Worldcon: Monday

Monday, September 17th, 2012

And here’s the final set of picture from the Chicago Worldcon, taken on Monday before I left, including some book dealers.

Willis Siros, bookdealer and next year’s Worldcon Fan Guest of Honor:

Mike Walsh, owner of Old Earth Books (and if you’re looking for any of his Howard Waldrop books signed by Howard, I can hook you up).

Greg Ketter of Dreamhaven Books, along with a big of the dealer’s room. For some reason pictures that include large interior spaces always seem to come out orange on my camera.

Larry Hallock of Ygor’s Books.

Sheila Williams, holding her Hugo.

Stephen Haffner, of Haffner Press.

Mel Korshak, founder of Shasta Publishers and someone who attended the first Worldcon in 1939!

I’ve put up two crappy pictures of Charlie Stross, so finally here’s a good one, after he came over to join me, Pat Cadigan and Gardner Dozois for drinks.

And that’s all she wrote for the 2012 Worldcon! See you in San Antonio!

Pictures from the 2012 Chicago WorldCon: Friday

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

The obligatory Stina Leicht picture:

Stina was a John W. Campbell Award nominee this year, and she moderated a panel that included Gene Wolfe, Martha Wells, and Joan D. Vinge (below).

After the panel I had lunch with Gene Wolfe, Gary K. Wolfe (below), Gene’s daughter Teri Goulding, and Gary’s girlfriend Stacie Hanes.

Gary ordered the Frank Gehry Sandwich, impressively postmodern and completely impractical.

Alaskan David Marusek:

Laura Ann Gilman. “Smile broadly! Drink heavily!”

Bookseller and Tiger Eye Press publisher Chris Edwards:

Allen Steele.

Jim Minz and Catherine Asaro. I trust you can guess which is which.

James Patrick Kelly, John Kessel and David Marusek. “Look into my eyes!”

Toastmaster and SFWA President John Scalzi:

Pictures from the 2012 Chicago WorldCon: Wednesday & Thursday

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Always willing to get cheap blog fodder document science fiction history, I tried to take pictures of just about everyone I knew that I bumped into there.

Scott Bobo and Kurt Baty pretend they’ve been hard at work setting up the art show.

Elizabeth Moon, hanging out in front of the Lone Star Con 3 table.

The ubiquitous Guest of Honor Mike Resnick at one of the approximately 700 parties he attended over the week.

John Kessel looms large in science fiction.

Scott Bobo sitting in front of the portal to London that suddenly appeared behind him.

A blurry Adam Troy-Castro stands in front of an equally blurry Charles Stross. Obviously there was some sort of temporal disturbance in the dealer’s room.

Sue Burke contemplates her life after the collapse of the Spanish economy.

Noted lush Scott Bobo yet again, doing what he does best. Bobo, Kurt, Ed Scarborough and I ended up eating out together three times during Worldcon, hence extra pics of some of them. This one is from the original Morton’s.

Ed Sacrborough and Jonathan Miles. “Is that bastard taking our picture again?”

Kurt and Grady, whose skin has lightened considerably since his stint on Sanford & Son.

More pics, probably tomorrow.

Pictures from the 2012 Armadillocon

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Continuing my acclaimed series “Lawrence’s Continuing Efforts To Justify The Purchase of a Digital Camera,” here are pictures from the 2012 Armadillocon:

The lovely and talented Urania Fung, who joined us for lunch with…

…her sister, the lovely and talented Cynthia Fung.

Fung & Fung, together at last. “Soon to be a new hit series on the CW!”

Master of Toast A. Lee Martinez showing off his spiffy Cthulhu vs. Godzilla T-shirt.

Andrew Wimsatt, already looking like his brain has fled.

Jayme Lynn Blaschke standing over Andrew, with the interior of the Austin Renaissance looming in the background like a Lovecraftian tomb (assuming the tomb had balconies and accent lighting).

Michael Sumbera, Scott Bobo and Ed Scarborough, hanging out in the bar.

Mark Finn. “Penis goes where???”

Picture from Family Feud, where the pros kicked the fan butt. “How could the topic be ‘Vampire Novels’ and not one of us thought of Dracula?”

it wouldn’t be an Armadillocon photo gallery without the requisite Stina Leicht Pantone Hair Color Reference Shot.

Now with Slightly Smugger Expression.

Editor guest of honor Liz Gorinsky, who appears to have part of Fry’s non-paraodoxing time travel algorithm tattooed onto her bicep.

Jayme Lynn Blascke, Troyce Wilson and Martha Wells. Maybe it was just this spot that made people look tired.

Con Chair Sara Felix taking a break from the madness with noted lush Scott Bobo.

With folded plate…

…and without.

John W. Campbell Award nominee Stina Leicht with Zillion time best Artist Hugo nominee John Picacio.

I had Stina lean in close so I could see exactly where her hair color matched his shirt.

“Sure, I’ll chair Armadillocon! How hard could it be?”

John “Two-Time Hugo Nominee” DeNardo

Ladies and Gentlemen, the worst picture ever of Joe R. Lansdale!

This time, his brain is fried.

Michael Sumbera and Rich Simental.

Mark Finn and Night Shade Press head honcho Jeremy Lassen, who needs to hire a better shipping department.

Matthew Bey with two people whose names I should remember.

Gabrielle Faust, looking remarkably calm and poised considering the horrific, unspeakable doom that was about to befall her. Best not to talk about it…

Denman Glober, who finds me endlessly entertaining.

Rob Landley, once and future chairman of Linucon.

Bradley Denton, who had a wee bit of a tough 2011.

Doug Potter, showing off a T-shirt with a drawing by Doug Potter, from a book illustrated by Doug Potter.

And another Armadillocon slouches to an end…

Armadillocon 2011 Photos for Sunday, August 28

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Just a handful, as I left my camera recharging for the con itself, so all of these are from the dead dog party.

Lou Anders’ wife makes him presentable.

Willie Siros, Scott Bobo and Emma Bull get their Shiner on.

Emma Bull fiddles with a confounding electronic device.

Willie listens to Bobo tell the punchline. “And that’s when I gave him back the duck.”

Another Armadillocon survived.

WisCon Disinvites Elizabeth Moon

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

I try to avoid political topics in this blog (and Facebook, for that matter), because, as someone once pointed out, “Telling someone their political ideas are wrong is like telling a 14-year old girl that the boy band she like sucks. She won’t believe you and she’ll instantly hate you for your efforts.”

But since WisCon’s cowardly decision to disinvite Elizabeth Moon as Guest of Honor over her very mild comments about Islam is so essentially a political story, I covered it over on my political blog BattleSwarm.

I also have some signed Elizabeth Moon books for sale through Lame Excuse Books is you’re interested.